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Dangerous Milwaukee Streets Need Tough Personal Injury Lawyers Who Will Defend Your Rights

How to report a car accident in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee car accident lawyers if you've been injured in an auto accident

Insurance companies are supposed to give you fair compensation when you’ve been injured in an accident, but they’re only looking out for themselves with lowball settlement offers that pale in comparison to you are rightfully owed.

The insurance company is not looking out for you, they are only looking out for their own bottom line.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee car accident attorneys claim a single call is all you need to get what you deserve. They say their high volume of clients proves they’re the best, or promise not to take your case to trial if needed.

“High volume” is just a euphemism for “quick churn," and the threat of a trial is the greatest leverage you have against an insurance company. These are lazy law firms who are happy to take their cut of your settlement, but unwilling to do the work you deserve to get the most money.

In the real world, it’s the people willing to work the hardest who will always achieve the best results. This is just as true for lawyers. You will find no other personal injury law firm in Milwaukee willing to work harder than Warshafsky.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim



INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Trial-Hardened Attorneys Working to Get YOU the Most Money

Warshafsky’s attorneys aren’t afraid of taking your car personal injury lawsuit to trial. We prepare for trial and potential appeals from day one because we expect the insurance companies to offer inadequate settlements. 

We will not accept a settlement unless we are convinced it is the best deal for YOU.

No other law firm in Milwaukee employs the level of professional accident investigation resources used by Warshafsky. Our in-house investigative team will find what the police, insurance companies, and other law firms miss or simply aren’t looking for. A thorough investigation of your accident means more money in your pocket.

As always, Warshafsky is a no-win/no-fee law firm. You will not owe us anything until you have received your fair compensation.

Warshafsky puts in more work than any other auto accident injury law firm because when it comes to compensation for your injuries It IS About The Money.®

" We obtained a $3.9 Million recovery for a man who was hurt in a truck/car collision. He and his family originally hired a national law firm with offices around the country, but fired them and retained us instead when they saw the difference in the work that was being done during the early stages of the investigation.“
- Frank Crivello, Trial Attorney, Warshafsky Law Firm

Warshafsky represents personal injury cases all over Southeastern Wisconsin including: Brown Deer - Cudahy - Franklin - Glendale - Greendale - Greenfield - Menomonee Falls - New Berlin - Oak Creek - Racine - Shorewood - South Milwaukee - Waukesha - Wauwatosa - West Allis - Whitefish BayBrookfield

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