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Serious New Berlin Accidents Require Top Legal Representation

New Berlin Personal Injury Attorneys

When injuries are severe, New Berlin residents turn to Wisconsin’s most effective personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law. Their slip and fallmedical malpractice, and auto accident lawyers, deal effectively on behalf of victims of New Berlin accidents, diligently working on each case with the knowledge, strength and willingness to take it all the way through to trial – and win.

New Berlin Personal Injury Lawyers Protect You Against Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a very simple business model: collect the largest amount of money in premiums from the highest number of people while paying out the least amount possible when their customers are held at fault.

You can make an insurance company very happy by hiring a personal injury lawyer who promises you won’t have to go to trial or boasts about having the highest volume in Wisconsin.

You wouldn’t holster your gun before a high-noon showdown, so why would you hire a lawyer who is unwilling to go to trial? When you want a fair settlement, you’ll hire experienced trial attorneys who aren’t afraid of the inside of a courtroom.

The threat of a trial is your biggest piece of ammunition against insurance companies. Juries are much more likely to identify with the victim at trial, and very few people have warm feelings about insurers. We can tell you from experience, the insurance companies know this and will do whatever it takes to avoid facing a law firm with a reputation for success in court.

The personal injury attorneys at Warshafsky will prepare your case for trial from day one to make sure YOU get the most money from the insurance company.

6 Wisconsin Car Accident Laws with a HUGE Impact on Your Claim

INJURED? It IS About The Money.®

Injured in New Berlin? Turn Down the High-Volume Law Firms

High-volume law firms around New Berlin are successful because they churn your case through as quickly as possible while doing the least amount of work possible. They will accept low-ball settlement offers from insurance companies and collect their cut before spitting you out the other side.

They’re all too happy to sacrifice YOUR money in an individual settlement to make sure they can push through the highest volume of settlements.

Warshafsky puts in the work other New Berlin lawyers ignore. We have a team of independent accident investigators whose only job is to find the things other investigators don’t look for. Even when your auto accident was caused by an uninsured motorist, there is almost always another liable party who is responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

We go further for our clients because it’s what YOU deserve, not because it’s the easiest path toward a quick settlement. If we determine the insurance company’s settlement offer doesn’t reflect your best interests, we won’t be afraid to take your case to court. You won’t owe us anything until you have received your payment.

A serious accident is always expensive and inconvenient. A severe injury can be life-changing. The Warshafsky Personal Injury Law Firm has medical doctors and outstanding personal injury lawyers on staff. We will help you secure the monetary results needed to make you whole again.

As always, Warshafsky is a no-win-no-fee law firm, because when you’ve been hurt It IS About The Money.®

Warshafsky represents personal injury cases all over Southeastern Wisconsin including: Milwaukee - Brown Deer - Cudahy - Franklin - Glendale - Greendale - Greenfield - Menomonee Falls - Oak Creek - Racine - Shorewood - South Milwaukee - Waukesha - Wauwatosa - West Allis - Whitefish BayBrookfield

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Warshafsky has brought hundreds of successful lawsuits against auto makers, drug companies and insurance companies. Many clients choose us in part because we are able and willing to fund a case fully through trial and even appeal. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. No other Wisconsin law firms boast a board-certified accident investigator and a doctor who is also a lawyer and an attorney who represented insurance companies.

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