Negotiating against a low ball Kemper settlement offer Injured? Lawyer up before you sign a check.

Kemper Settlement Payout Process:

  1. Kemper claim phone number: Call the number on the back of your proof of insurance card or dial the national phone number: (866) 536-7376.
  2. Claim time limit: Most states have strict yet complex statute of limitations rules such as “you must bring a claim within 3 years of the date of discovery of the injury”. It’s complicated. Act fast - the insurance company will.
  3. Repair shops: Kemper requests insurance customers to use a Kemper-approved auto repair facility. However, this suggestion serves only to save the insurance company money. In reality, you can go wherever you want for repair service. Tell your insurance company your favorite auto shop will do the work.
  4. Settlement negotiation: Insurance companies like Kemper Insurance Association have teams of professionals dedicated to limiting or denying your settlement payout. For small claims not involving injury, you might want a lawyer for property damage or a bad faith insurance claim. If you were injured, a personal injury lawyer can help you assess all damages. 
  5. Reviews for Kemper Insurance Association: Kemper Google Review page

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How can I get a higher settlement from my Kemper Insurance Claim?

Like all insurance companies, Kemper says they stand by their policyholders and says their Claims service is rated among the best in the industry, despite many who have had bad experiences. Avoid being another one of the customers who have a bad experience with Kemper and maximize your settlement claim by calculating the complete estimate of your case, do not sign and settle for a low settlement claim, and hire a lawyer who will go the extra step to fight for what you deserve.

Even less threatening injuries like whiplash can mean weeks of rehabilitation therapy, added bills, inability to work, etc. If you think the settlement is unfair, it probably is! Our top-rated attorneys can help you make a counteroffer and keep the insurance company from lowballing you again.

Your best chance at getting the settlement you deserve is to have an experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney represent you. Warshafsky Law has been dealing with insurance companies for decades, and we have attorneys who used to work for insurance companies, so we know all the tricks they use to shortchange their policyholders. With Warshafsky Law, you will get the settlement you’re owed.

If your injury occurred on workplace property, while using workplace vehicles, or while carrying out the duties of your job, speak with a worker's comp lawyer to discuss the true value of your claim.

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How do I get my Kemper Insurance settlement check?

As soon as possible after an accident, you need to initiate a claim with Kemper. You can file your claim online via their website, or by phone (24/7 availability). Even if you opt for filing your claim online, you will be contacted by phone by a claim services representative.

This phone conversation you have with their claim services rep will probably be recorded, so it’s important to be careful what you say. If you make any statements that could implicate you for being partly responsible for the accident, they’ll use this as justification for minimizing their settlement offer—or even denying it completely.

Factors affecting your Kemper Insurance payout

Don't admit fault or volunteer information.

It’s critical to avoid saying anything that could be used against you. Statements like “I probably should have been going a little slower” are a red flag to a claim adjuster. If you’re asked to estimate the distance between you and the other car involved in the accident, it’s better to say you can’t recall or can’t give an accurate figure than to say something that could implicate you for being at fault, too.

In addition to the conversation you have with the Kemper claim rep, Kemper will review the police report, witness statements, video footage from nearby cameras (if available), and any other sources they might find. If you don’t have a copy of the police report, make sure to get one before you talk with anyone at Kemper. If there’s a mistake in the report, you need to get it corrected and have the revised report in front of you for the phone call with Kemper.

Don’t sign a medical records release form without consulting an attorney.

With claims involving injuries, insurance companies always ask for a signed medical records release form. Understandably, they need to verify the extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, a release form allows them to snoop around in your entire medical history. A completely unrelated medical issue or one that occurred years ago can be twisted into a contributing factor in your accident.

Don’t agree to sign any release form until you’ve talked to a lawyer. A good attorney will be able to arrange the turnover of any medical records relevant to your accident injuries—nothing more.

DIY Personal injury claims: handling a Kemper Insurance claim on your own

When you speak with anyone at Kemper about your claim, you’ll get the usual assurances they’re working hard to get your claim settled as quickly as possible so you can get on with your life. Sounds great, until you’ve heard it 20 times.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are rarely in any hurry to get your claim settled quickly. Or fairly. Their primary objective: maximize profitability by minimizing payouts. All too often, policyholders face endless delays and runarounds.

The only way to ensure you get a fair settlement in a timely manner is to hire a personal injury attorney, preferably one with plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies. 

If you’re contemplating handling your claim on your own, here are a few pointers that may help:

The settlement check is nothing more than an offer to settle.

After Kemper’s claim adjuster reviews your claim, they’ll make a decision on how much to pay on it and send you a check. Don’t be surprised if it’s less than you expected. Although you probably have bills piling up from your accident, resist the temptation to deposit the check. Once you do, you’ll be barred from negotiating a higher settlement. Their check is nothing more than an offer to settle. It can be negotiated, but if you deposit the check you’ve implicitly agreed to their settlement offer.

Wisconsin has a 3-year statute of limitations on personal injury claim lawsuits.

When you’ve had it with your insurance company’s shenanigans, your one recourse is to sue. You only have this option in the first three years after your accident, though. If you’re still getting the runaround after three years from the date of your accident and haven’t filed suit, you lose the right to file a suit against them.

If your insurance company says you don’t need a lawyer, start looking for one.

Unfortunately at some point in your quest to get your settlement check, you’ll find yourself asking the insurance company rep: “Do I have to get an attorney to get this resolved?” They’ll assure you there’s no need to get lawyers involved because they’re “working hard to get this resolved.” They have armies of attorneys, so why shouldn’t you have one looking out for you?

How to negotiate against a lowball settlement offer

Do your homework.

The more you know about the claims process, the better you’ll fare. At the very least, familiarize yourself with the most common insurance company tactics used to minimize your settlement. You’ll be less likely to be taken advantage of if your insurance company sees you know what’s going on.

Do the math.

You need to be able to document all the expenses related to your accident, including hospital bills, doctor appointments, bandages, crutches, pain medications, etc. You’ll also need a record of the days you were unable to work because of your injury. Keep track of your mileage/transportation costs for getting to and from doctor appointments, too.

Costs to consider when calculating the value of your claim:

  • Property damage
  • Car rental
  • Deductible
  • Hospital deductible
  • Prescription drugs
  • Chiropractic care
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Future medical expenses
  • Subrogation

Don't be pressured into anything.

When the bills are piling up and creditors start calling, it can be tempting to deposit the settlement check your insurance company sent. Don’t do it. If you have a legitimate claim, you have every right to be fully compensated. The best way to shorten the process is to have an experienced personal injury attorney represent you.

Don't trust “sign and settle” lawyers.

You’ll see and hear a lot of ads from law firms boasting about the thousands of personal injury cases they’ve settled. Sounds impressive, but these are what’s known in the industry as “settlement mills.” They’re only interested in cutting a deal with the insurance company as quickly as possible so they can get their cut of the payout and move on to the next case. Insurance companies know these firms never take cases to trial, so they get away with lowball settlement offers.

Get the opinion of a personal injury attorney experienced in dealing with insurance companies.

Even if you’re inclined to handle your claim by yourself, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free initial consultation most reputable personal law firms offer, Warshafsky Law included. You’ll meet with an experienced personal injury attorney who will give you a straightforward assessment of your case and how much your claim is worth.

Knowing what your claim is worth: Kemper settlement amounts

The best way to get everything you’re owed on your claim is to have an experienced personal injury lawyer represent you. When you retain Warshafsky Law, one of two things happens: 

  1. The insurance company, fearing a huge loss at trial, fesses up to what your claim is really worth and pays out, or
  2. Warshafsky Law takes them to court to get what you’re owed.

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Warshafsky Law is based in Milwaukee, but we represent clients throughout the US. If you’re not in the Milwaukee area, you can schedule a free initial consultation by phone. At the very least, take advantage of our free consultation offer.

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