Negotiating against a low ball West Bend settlement offer Injured? Lawyer up before you sign a check.

West Bend Settlement Payout Process:

  1. West Bend claim phone number: Call the number on the back of your proof of insurance card or dial the national phone number: (877) 922-5246.
  2. Claim time limit: Most states have strict yet complex statute of limitations rules such as “you must bring a claim within 3 years of the date of discovery of the injury”. It’s complicated. Act fast - the insurance company will.
  3. Repair shops: West Bend requests insurance customers to use a West Bend-approved auto repair facility. However, this suggestion serves only to save the insurance company money. In reality, you can go wherever you want for repair service. Tell your insurance company your favorite auto shop will do the work.
  4. Settlement negotiation: Insurance companies like West Bend Insurance Association have teams of professionals dedicated to limiting or denying your settlement payout. For small claims not involving injury, you might want a lawyer for property damage or a bad faith insurance claim. If you were injured, a personal injury lawyer can help you assess all damages. 
  5. Reviews for West Bend Insurance Association: West Bend Google Review page

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How can I get a higher settlement from my West Bend Insurance Claim?

West Bend Mutual Insurance Company’s “silver lining” advertising campaign is an emotion-based appeal to customers. They promise to “make everything right again” if the worst happens. Their annual revenue is in the hundreds of millions and growing, but not everyone who’s filed a claim with them would give the process a good review.

Whether an insurance company promises the cheapest rates, best customer service, or greatest value, the bottom line is always the same: making more profits. If you think the settlement is unfair, it probably is! Our top-rated attorneys can help you make a counteroffer and keep the insurance company from lowballing you again.

Warshafsky Law knows how insurers operate, ensuring maximum profits by devaluing your pain and minimizing your settlement. Our auto accident injury attorneys team includes former insurance industry lawyers who see through insurance company tactics and fight for fair compensation for injured victims.

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How do I get my West Bend settlement check?

West Bend Mutual Insurance makes it easy for customers to report a claim 24 hours a day by calling a toll-free number, sending an email, or getting in touch with an agent.

The reason insurers make filing a claim convenient and simple is because they’re counting on customers wanting to get the claims process over with as quickly as possible.

When a claim adjuster says “I’m so sorry that happened, let’s get this taken care of for you ASAP” what they’re doing is trying to get you to sign the smallest check possible. Our advice is to not deposit or cash the check until you’ve had an attorney assess the true value of your claim.

Factors affecting your West Bend payout

You may receive a phone call shortly after your accident asking for a statement. You are NOT obligated to make a statement, and anything you say is being recorded. Be polite, NEVER ADMIT FAULT, and ask for contact information to call them back.

You may be asked to sign medical authorization forms. It is EXTREMELY UNWISE to sign any forms giving your insurance company access to your medical history without consulting an attorney. Such forms are typically crafted to grant the insurer access to your detailed medical records—a common tactic to gather information that could be used to dispute your claim.

Your best course of action is talking to a personal injury lawyer experienced in dealing with insurance companies and letting your attorney decide which documents are appropriate to share.

DIY Personal injury claims: handling a West Bend claim on your own

It’s important to understand the risks involved if you speak to a claim adjuster without an attorney. The claims process has many pitfalls for the inexperienced. Get informed to avoid being taken advantage of by common insurance company practices.

Things to Be Aware of During the Claims Process:

  • Assume every phone conversation you have with an insurance company representative is being recorded. You may say something inadvertently, misspeak or reveal a small inconsistency in your story, which can and probably will be used against you.
  • Liability examiners will collect information from police reports, witnesses, photos from the accident scene, and any other way they can. The object is getting their hands on any information which could be used to deny, dispute, or delay your claim.
  • An insurance adjuster doesn’t DECIDE how much your claim is worth; they decide how much they’re going to OFFER you. Even a printed settlement check is only an offer. But once you sign it you can never pursue further compensation.
  • If it becomes clear you’re not going to roll over and take a lowball settlement offer, the insurer may make the process very unpleasant for you. Common tactics include “losing” your paperwork, using obscure or confusing terminology, or questioning your actions. Frustration, discouragement, and financial stress all work to wear you down.

Unless it’s crystal clear how someone else was at fault for your injury, you can expect a fight before getting the settlement amount you deserve. Having an aggressive personal injury attorney on your side protects your rights and vastly improves your chances of getting fair compensation.

How to negotiate against a lowball settlement offer

Although having a lawyer handle your claim is the most likely way to substantially increase your settlement offer, there are some things you can try:

1. Document Everything

Save every hospital bill, mileage spent driving to and from the doctor, prescription drug receipts, and any other proof of the value of your claim. Some costs are straightforward, like repair estimates. But there are many types of damages you may be eligible to receive in a personal injury lawsuit, and considerations you may not be aware of.

Additional personal injury claim costs to consider:

  • Property damage
  • Car rental
  • Deductible
  • Hospital deductible
  • Non-prescription medical expenses (bandages, braces, etc)
  • Chiropractic care
  • Future medical expenses
  • Subrogation

Subrogation means if someone else is at fault for your injuries, your health insurance company has the right to seek reimbursement for their payments.

2. Prepare for Negotiations

Be ready to explain the reason for your claim, and to prove its value with specific points, including your pain and suffering. You may also need to offer evidence determining liability for your injuries.

3. Get it in Writing

During the claims process, communicate with your insurer with letters or emails documenting your actions. Follow up phone calls with a short email confirming any statements or promises made by the representative. They may later dispute the accuracy of your submissions, and it’s important to create proof of your timeliness and responsibility.

4. Know What You’re Up Against

Negotiating an injury claim settlement is nothing like haggling over the price of a used car. Insurance companies are made up of highly trained professionals organized in a chain of command. At every level, their playbook is filled with strategies to minimize your claim.

5. You Probably Need a Lawyer

You may be wondering how to file a personal injury claim without a lawyer, but your best chance at a fair settlement is with the help of an experienced legal team. An insurance company rep may tell you not to bother getting a lawyer because they’ll take care of you. They may even say having an attorney fight for your claim will only make things more difficult, or you’ll lose half your money.

Insurance companies have multiple attorneys on their side—think about why they might tell you not to get an attorney on YOUR side.

Knowing what your claim is worth: West Bend settlement amounts

Insurance companies don’t increase their multi-million-dollar profit streams each year by paying the full value of your claim without a fight.

The attorney you choose may be the most important factor in determining the final amount of your settlement. Many personal injury law firms “sign and settle” quickly, cooperating with insurers to collect a quick fee and move on. When the insurance company knows they won’t be taken to court, there’s a limit to what they’re willing to offer.

Warshafsky Law personal injury attorneys prepare every case to win at trial, defend injured victims’ rights, and pursue every possible way to maximize YOUR compensation. We understand the financial hardships imposed by creditors and bill collectors and will help relieve the pressure while fighting for your settlement.

Contact our personal injury law firm to schedule a free initial legal consultation on your personal injury claim case.

6 WI Car Accident Laws that Impact your claim

What to know about West Bend repairs after your car accident

A "West Bend repair shop in Wisconsin" is a myth, plus 3 other lies

Lie #1: “We’d like to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible.”

When your West Bend Insurance rep tells you “I know how frustrating this must be” and “We want to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible,” be wary. They know how inconvenient it is to be without a car, and they know you’re likely to just go along with whatever plan they lay out for getting the work done. This usually involves a repair shop they recommend.

Lie #2: “There’s a West Bend Insurance body shop near you…”

When you hear there’s a repair shop nearby, it sounds great. But is it?

Truth is, no one working for West Bend is looking out for your best interests. They’re looking to pay the least amount possible on your claim, so they direct you to where the work done will be the cheapest. The shop “near you” isn’t necessarily the best place to have your car repaired, and it may not even be the shop nearest you.

If there’s some shop you’d rather have doing the work, tell the insurance rep. This isn’t like a health insurance plan where you have to use in-network providers.

Lie #3: “Aftermarket parts are every bit as good as the OEM parts”

No, they aren’t. They’re actually notorious for not fitting as well as OEM parts, not lasting as long, and not working as well as OEM parts. So, before you have any work done on your car, you need to ask if they’re going to use OEM parts or aftermarket parts. If they say there’s no difference, check with another repair shop.

Unfortunately, it’s next to impossible to get new OEM parts for an older car, but there’s no good reason why you can’t get OEM parts for a late model car. Insist on them.

The Big Lie in Personal Injury Settlements

The biggest lie you’ll get from your insurance company is that their settlement offer is the best they can do. Having your car repaired is a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to dealing with bodily injuries from a car accident.

If another driver was at fault, his/her insurance company will send you a check as a settlement. Raise any questions about the amount they’re offering and they’ll tell you how the dollar amount was carefully calculated to cover all “reasonable” costs. Actually, it was calculated to cost them the least amount possible.

For anyone who’s been unable to work because of an accident, a settlement check in the mail brings instant relief from creditors looking for payment on your medical bills. Our advice: Don’t cash it! If you do, you waive your right to litigate for a higher settlement. Instead, get the opinion of an experienced personal injury attorney by scheduling a free initial consultation.

Contact Warshafsky for a free case evaluation today. You pay NOTHING in fees until you receive your compensation.