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Slip and Fall Accidents in Nursing Homes and Hospitals: Call Milwaukee Injury Attorneys

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Staff Negligence is Likely to Blame for Your Slip & Fall Injury

There are two places where slip and fall accidents are particularly serious: a hospital or nursing home. In both situations, there are patients or residents who are unsteady when standing and prone to serious personal injury if they accidentally drop from their feet. A lack of improper monitoring in a hospital or nursing home is often times the inadvertent cause of countless slips and falls across Wisconsin. While most able-bodied adults simply pick themselves up after a slip or fall, elderly hospital patients and nursing home residents are far more susceptible to traumatic personal injuries from falls. The experienced Milwaukee slip and fall attorneys of Warshafsky Law Firm have represented many young and elderly clients with serious injuries which could – and should – have been prevented by a capable, paid staff member presumably present at the time, such as:

• Brachial Plexus Injuries
• Brain Injuries
• Broken Bones
• Bruising
• Hip Fractures
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Sprained Limbs

If you, a loved one, or hospital patient has been injured in a slip and fall accident in a nursing home or hospital, you may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit to recover for medical expenses, as well as punitive damages. Filing a lawsuit against a nursing home or hospital may feel overwhelming, but with the right attorneys on your case, you’ll have the experience and expertise you need to win big in court. Warshafsky Law Firm offers every client a free initial consultation to answer any questions you may have regarding the legal representation you may need for your brain injury, slip/fall, or wrongful death case. Whenever you have a prolonged stay at any type of medical facility, it becomes your temporary home. Don't allow a nursing home or hospital to become a beacon of terror and intimidation. Accidents do happen, but its important justice is served to staff members who neglect or abuse their duties. 
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Nursing Home Accident Lawsuit LawyersTypes of Nursing Home Accidental Fall & Injury Lawsuits

The most dangerous accidents take place in buildings where healing and elderly people are staying. The consequences of a slip and fall injury for a recovering patient or elderly resident can be deadly. Slip and fall lawyers are dedicated to guaranteeing their clients are compensated for accidents in professional medical facilities. When a slip and fall accident occurs in a nursing home, there are a number of places where they are likely to happen and reasons why they occur. The possibility of your slip and fall happening because of poorly maintained sidewalks, stairs, parking lots, damaged or slippery floors, and snow or ice on a nursing home property is fairly high. Whether you had a slip in a nursing home or a fall in another type of assisted living center, don’t let those responsible go free unchecked for the damage they’ve caused you. Nursing home slip and fall cases can be confusing when you are trying to pinpoint who is really to blame for an accidental injury, but the types of feasible slip and fall lawsuits are fairly straightforward.

1. Slip and Fall Cases: When Hazards are Ignored

You know you have a significant personal injury case building for your accidental slip and fall injury when it is the result of the property’s carelessness. As previously mentioned, damaged or slippery floors can lead a patient to slip or a resident to fall. In a case where a personal injury in a nursing home is caused by a neglected hazard such as an icy porch or wet bathroom floor, the maintenance team, nursing staff, or management should be held responsible for ignoring or failing to warn the plaintiff of the hazard. When hazards are ignored once, you can be injured during a slip or fall, but when they are ignored again, others are put at risk. By working with Warshafsky Law Firm, you are acting to improve the nursing home or hospital you visited. 

2. Personal Injuries Caused by a Lack of Communication

These types of slip and fall cases can be harder to prove in a real-world situation but are easy to define. A personal injury in a nursing home is often caused by unmaintained or neglected environments. Unlike the previous type of slip and fall accident where a patient or resident would gain a personal injury from a hazard that has been present long term, personal injuries caused by a lack of foresight are caused by more recently existing elements. For example, a nursing home may be liable for your personal injury if it is the result of inviting in an entertainer whose props failed to be noted as a hazard or if you had a slip or fall as the result of poorly placed power cords in a room or hallway.

When people choose their Wisconsin personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages.

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Let the Milwaukee slip and fall attorneys of Warshafsky Law help you set things right after an injury in a hospital, nursing home, assisted living center, or other medical facilities.

Identifying Hospital Slip & Fall Lawsuit Cases in Wisconsin

Coming home after surgery is a challenge in itself, but adding a slip and fall personal injury to the mix only worsens the situation. When you slip in a hospital, it is possible to cause irreversible damage to your body. Warshafsky Law Firm has years of experience helping clients sue medical facilities for negligence. Running a hospital encompasses more than simply making sure patients are checked in and checked out accordingly. The maintenance and supervision of countless hospital hallways, parking lots, sidewalks, and medical equipment adds up quickly to a lot of work needing to be done, but as a medical facility, it is the responsibility of the hospital to make sure they do no harm to patients and visitors. Knowing whether or not you have a case for your slip and fall injury at a hospital is simple:

Wisconsin Hospital Accidental Injury AttorneysHave you Been Harmed in a Hospital? Seek Compensation.

Emotional, physical, and financial trauma – it all exists, to an extent. Negligent physicians may not have a direct hand in your slip and fall injury, but if a doctor or nurse neglected to properly clean your environment, physical injury is a real possibility. Warshafsky Law Firm’s team of slip and fall attorneys identify how you may have experienced harm under the care of a physician in order to compile a winning case to get you the compensation you need to fully recover from any loss you may have experienced in a medical facility.

Finding the Cause Responsible for your Slip and Fall Injury

Understanding the cause behind your slip and fall injury is key in identifying whether you have a case on your hands or not. At times, finding who is responsible for your slip and fall injury takes a substantial amount of investigation, but when you work with a group of attorneys who know it IS about the money, it’s simple finding who in the hospital is responsible.

When the Hospital Staff Ignores its Prime Duty

In cases of a slip and fall injury or childbirth malpractice cases, legal implications for the individuals working in hospitals are huge. This is because of a duty they’ve been unable to fulfill. Doctors, nurses, physicians, and other medical staff have the prime duty of making sure they do not endanger others. If you slipped or fell because you were neglected or you were injured because of the actions of a medical facility’s staff member, Warshafsky Law Firm will be likely taking your case to court soon.

A Breach of the Law: Your Injury is Their Failure

If you have made it this far, there is a great possibility you have the potential to file a personal injury claim against a hospital or nursing home. When it comes down to the grit of a slip and fall case, your injury is their failure to uphold the responsibility of doing no harm to others. This is not only a duty but a societal code of conduct and law. Similar to medical malpractice, slip and fall personal injury cases do not reflect how a patient or resident is supposed to be treated both within moral and legal bounds.

Reporting Nursing Home Abuse Wisconsin

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