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Slip and Fall on the Job: Call Milwaukee Personal Injury Attorneys

Slip and Fall on the Job MilwaukeeDepending on your job, there are many different outcomes to slipping and falling at your place of work. For this reason, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has very strict criteria for keeping employees safe from harm. As soon as possible, you must file a DWC-1 or “first report of injury” form to document your fall and subsequent injuries. This will help back up your claim.

Worker’s Compensation after a Fall

Wisconsin businesses are legally required to offer worker’s compensation benefits to injured employees, leading many to believe they are not eligible for any additional settlements. This is not necessarily true. If your employer was negligent and caused your fall, our Milwaukee slip and fall lawyers will help you determine the details of your claim and whether you may file suit.

If you were not working when your fall occurred, you most likely will not be offered any worker’s compensation even though you were at your work facility. In these cases, consulting with personal injury lawyers will help you find who is liable for your accident. Unsafe conditions caused during work by third parties may also exclude you from worker’ compensation and require you to sue the third party for any compensation.

After experiencing an injury at work, contact the Milwaukee slip and fall attorneys of Warshafsky Law for advice on filing a claim.