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Slip and Fall with No Wet Floor Sign: Milwaukee Lawyers Get You Compensation

Slip and Fall No Wet Floor Sign MilwaukeeMany slips and falls are caused by wet floors, so the lack of wet floor signs only increases the chance of injury. Warshafsky Law will represent you as you make a personal injury claim due to a slip and fall from a wet floor. Our legal team will help you receive the compensation you need rather than the first settlement offer an insurance company will come up with.

After slipping on a wet floor, document the area with plenty of picture. The absence of a sign demonstrates negligence on behalf of the property owner and will make it easier to get a larger settlement with Warshafsky Law.

It is very important you do not talk to a store or insurance representative without a personal injury lawyer after the incident. Without a lawyer present, you may be tricked into giving testimony which can later be sued against you in court. Let Warshafsky handle your legal proceedings so you get the financial restitution you need.

Contact our Milwaukee slip and fall lawyers if you’ve fallen on a wet floor without a sign.