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Slip and Fall on Rental Property: Call Milwaukee Injury Attorneys

Landlord vs Renter: Who Is at Fault?

Slip and Fall on Rental Property MilwaukeeWhen it comes to slip and fall accidents on rented property, such as an apartment complex, it may be unclear who is liable for damages. Is it the landlord who literally owns the property but otherwise does not interact with it? Or is it the renter who has more control over the safety of the place? Somewhat surprisingly, the landlord will almost always be held liable as the actual owner.

Property managers and landlords are responsible for ensuring their rental properties meet safety codes for the safety of their tenants. Unless the renters themselves cause an unsafe situation, it falls on the landlord to maintain the property. Anything from keeping stairs in safe condition to repairing cracked sidewalks around the property all fall under the landlord’s responsibility. 

After suffering injury on a rental property, Warshafsky Law will help you determine who is at fault and liable for damages. The amount of money able to be recovered in a landlord negligence suit depends on a variety of factors. We will guide you through the entire legal process so you win big in court. Whether you only received minor injuries or are now suffering from a lifelong disability, you deserve compensation. We are the law firm Milwaukee residents count on when they are injured.

If you were injured from a fall on a Milwaukee rental property, contact Warshafsky’s personal injury lawyers now.