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Slip and Fall on Sidewalk: Call Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers

Slip and Fall on Sidewalk Lawyers MilwaukeeIn some neighborhoods, residents are responsible for the upkeep of sidewalks along their property while other walkways fall under the jurisdiction of the city itself. Warshafsky Law will work with you to bring a favorable settlement claim against the liable party when you've been injured in a sidewalk fall in Milwaukee.

There are many causes for tripping or slipping on a sidewalk. These include:

  • Black ice or snow
  • Heavy rain
  • Cracks in the pavement
  • Tree roots or plant growth
  • Disrepair

There are many injuries which can result from slipping on a sidewalk. Concrete and brick are unforgiving, leading to fractured wrists or broken arms. Hitting your head on solid concrete can cause anything from brain damage to death.

Contact our Milwaukee slip and fall attorneys today if you’ve slipped or tripped on a sidewalk in Milwaukee and suffered an injury.