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Slip and Fall on Stairs: Call Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers

Slip and Fall on Stairs MilwaukeeStairs, steps, and escalators in or around Milwaukee buildings can cause incredibly serious injuries after a fall. Even slipping on a single step can have deadly consequences. The personal injury lawyers of Warshafsky Law will assist you in getting all the compensation you deserve after a fall as a result of stair negligence.

Stairs become slippery from age, use, and disrepair. Negligence from the property owner can lead to even worse fall conditions, such as allowing rotted wood steps to remain in use or not addressing spills in a reasonable amount of time. Lack of handrails or uneven step distribution is also responsible for many slips and falls.

Injury from Stairs and Escalators

Stairs can cause severe injuries depending on the height and distance of the fall. Slipping at the very top of a staircase will probably cause more bruises than tripping at the very bottom, while the direction you fell will also change the types of injuries you are likely to receive. Escalators pose their own risks due to their mechanical elements.

Don't accept a small settlement from insurance companies who don't care about your needs. Our Milwaukee slip and fall attorneys will help you get a settlement large enough to cover all your medical bills, lost wages, and more.

Contact Milwaukee’s slip and fall injury lawyers today if you have recently experienced injury from stairs or an escalator.