Compensation for whiplash, back & neck pain after car accident Wisconsin lawsuit nets $835K settlement amount

What is the average insurance settlement for back and neck injuries in Wisconsin?

There is no reliable average settlement amount database in Wisconsin from which to draw an average. The reality is you could be entitled to $0 if no liability is found. Sometimes unemployed, uninsured culprits are referred to as “judgment proof”. Some cases are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars if damages are severe. Depending on the facts, a back, neck, or whiplash case could easily be worth $15,000 in medical expenses including chiropractor bills and pain and suffering. Warshafksy won an $835,000 settlement for a Wisconsin back injury case.

Maximum payout for a debilitating back injury in Wisconsin

One Warshafsky client, a 75-year-old Wisconsin woman, received compensation in her personal injury claim that changed the outcome of her life. The woman had severely injured her back. She was quickly taken to the hospital, where her doctor diagnosed her with a mild compression fracture. He ordered physical therapy for rehabilitation and told her the pain should lessen in a few days. The woman’s pain increased dramatically, and she began showing neurological symptoms as well. In spite of her changing and deteriorating condition, the doctor did not reevaluate his diagnosis. Subsequent examinations by another physician revealed she had suffered a burst fracture, not a mild compression fracture. A fragment of bone had impacted our client’s spinal cord, leaving her partially paralyzed in her legs.

The woman knew she deserved compensation for her extensive back injury resulting from the doctor’s negligence. She called Warshafsky Law for a free consultation, and personal injury attorney Ted Warshafsky prepared her case for trial. Our experienced personal injury attorney successfully obtained a verdict against the doctor for $835,000. The substantial jury award allowed the paralyzed woman to pay her medical bills and provide for herself. Her impaired ability to walk was frustrating and made life difficult, but she no longer had to worry about her medical expenses (note: Warshafsky helps clients nationwide).

Personal injury lawsuits in Wisconsin can raise healthcare standards and safety nationwide

Neck, back and spine injuries can be devastating. Elderly people can slip getting out of bed, getting in or out of the shower, or even just walking and find themselves with broken bones. Even healthy people can be killed or injured in a Milwaukee car accident. It is difficult to recover from injuries, and it becomes even worse if a doctor misdiagnoses the problem and prescribes the wrong treatment. A neck or lower back injury can cost you your health, your life, or, like this client, the use of your legs. Warshafsky Law takes on cases like these both to get the victim the highest settlement or award possible and to achieve a Society Changing Judgement to make hospitals and healthcare safer for everyone. Our personal injury attorneys represent victims of back, neck and spine injuries so the guilty parties are held accountable. 

Long term effects of whiplash injuries from rear-end collisions

Whiplash syndrome is a combination of symptoms associated with neck injuries following a car accident. This can be caused by a cervical sprain. 8 symptoms of whiplash syndrome include:

  • Headache, neck pain, and jaw pain
  • Neck spasms
  • Shoulder pain
  • Weakness and numbness in the arms and hands
  • Chronic pain in the head, neck, or shoulders
  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Fatigue/insomnia
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

If you are injured in a rear-end collision or other car crash and experience any symptoms associated with whiplash or whiplash syndrome, you can win compensation for medical treatment and additional damages. Call Warshafsky Law today for a free review of your case. No fee unless you win.

Other forms of neck injuries & pain in Wisconsin

Neck trauma from a car crash includes injuries other than whiplash. The bones, nerves, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissues are all connected to support and move the head, so injuring one part of the neck can cause multiple areas of damage. Here are 7 neck injuries other than whiplash that a victim of a car accident may suffer:

  • Herniated disc
  • Muscle strain
  • Neck sprain
  • Nerve root injury
  • Neck fracture
  • Cervical dislocation
  • Spinal cord injury

If you or a loved one have experienced whiplash or any other neck injury due to a car or truck crash, seek professional medical attention and contact our Milwaukee truck accident lawyers today.

Types of spinal cord surgery lawsuits

Every kind of surgery has risks, and spinal cord surgeries can be especially dangerous. Damage to your spinal cord can affect your whole nervous system and lead to paralysis, as it did for this woman. Our Wisconsin attorneys represent victims of a variety of spinal cord surgery mishaps, including but not limited to:

  • Minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Spinal decompression surgery
  • Spinal reconstructive surgery
  • Cervical or lumbar herniated disc removal surgery
  • Discectomy
  • Disc replacement
  • Cervical or lumbar stenosis surgery
  • Neurological surgery for scoliosis and kyphotic deformities
  • Spinal fracture surgery
  • Spinal cord tumor surgery
  • Spinal fusion
  • Laminectomy
  • Foraminotomy
  • Interlaminar implant
  • Other spinal cord injury surgery

After a car accident, here's what to do before contacting insurance (or ASAP thereafter)

Victims of whiplash in Wisconsin often accept the first offer the insurance company makes, not realizing they could get much more. Insurance companies make the minimum offer to avoid an expensive trial and higher awards. Some Wisconsin lawyers make their money simply by serving as a middleman between their clients and insurance companies, taking a percentage of your already low settlement without fighting for the money you really deserve. At Warshafsky Law, our Milwaukee and Madison personal injury lawyers put the client first. We’re willing to take every case to trial, and insurance companies know it. When they see we’ve prepared a strong case, it encourages them to offer much higher settlements. Even if they do choose to fight us in court, the judge and jury might decide on an even higher award.

Injured? it is about the money®

Your initial case assessment with our Wisconsin personal injury law firm is free. Plus, there’s no fee until you win. You only pay once you’ve received your compensation. We offer nationwide help from our offices in Milwaukee and Madison.

 No win. No fee. Free Case Assessment.

Wisconsin lawyers fighting lowball settlement offers vs national insurance adversaries

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What is the minimum payout for whiplash in Wisconsin?

There is no minimum payout for whiplash in Wisconsin. You may be able to receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other damages. Consult a lawyer.

What is the average compensation for a back injury in Wisconsin?

There is no centralized database of injury settlements in Wisconsin. Insurance companies have their own internal data upon which they base offers. A lawyer may be able to increase your offer and advise as to what types of damages you should go after.

In Wisconsin, is it worth suing for a neck injury?

Maybe. A lawyer can tell you if it is worth suing for a neck injury in Wisconsin. There are several types of damages you can recover if there is a party liable for your injury. Damages could include lost wages, pain and suffering, and medical bills – sometimes including chiropractors.

In Wisconsin, how much should I settle for a lower back injury?

You should not settle if the insurance company puts forth a lowball offer. A lawyer can help assess the compensation offer given the unique facts of your case.

Can you sue for whiplash in Wisconsin?

You can sue for whiplash in Wisconsin. You’ll want to know how much your case is worth and the likelihood of a successful recovery. Preparing your case to go the distance at trial is the best way to maximize the insurance company settlement offer.

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