Compensation vs negligent landlord for two-story fall Wisconsin spinal injury lawsuit nets $471K settlement amount

Are landlords legally liable for injuries that happen on their property?

Yes - landlords are legally liable for injuries that occur on their property if they were caused by their own negligence. If you've sustained a spinal injury on private property, you may have a case. However, liability can be tricky and you should seek legal expertise to assist you in determining who is responsible for what happened. Warshafksy won a $471,000 dollar settlement for a slip and fall case causing a spinal injury due to landlord negligence.

Fall from height due to neglected guard rail results in compression fracture

Property neglect, from a cracked sidewalk to a loose railing, can cause extreme injuries if someone trips and falls. Responsible landlords and property owners take excellent care of their property to ensure it is safe for everyone. Unfortunately, not every landlord takes the time or makes the effort to maintain their land and buildings.

Our client, a Wisconsin woman, fell from a second story porch due to property neglect. Because of a kitchen fire, she ran out on her second story porch to catch her breath, thinking she would be safe out there until help arrived. But the guard rail on the balcony had rotted through. The railing collapsed when she leaned against it. She fell from the second floor and suffered a compression fracture to her spine.

As if having a kitchen fire wasn’t bad enough, her severe spinal injury required back surgery. As she began her long, painful recovery from this slip and fall accident, she knew she deserved compensation. It was her landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property, and the guard rail should never have fallen into such disrepair. She called Warshafsky, the personal injury law firm Milwaukee trusts to get the greatest settlements and jury awards for victims of property neglect.

Wisconsin spinal injury attorney achieves $471,000 settlement

At Warshafsky Law, we thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding your injury to ensure you get the most money possible. We can’t change what happened to you, but we can hold the responsible parties accountable for their mistakes and get you the money you need and deserve. Like other Society Changing Judgements, this case sent a forceful message to landlords and property managers all over Wisconsin to take responsibility and keep up with maintenance.

In this case, our investigation revealed the landlord had received—and ignored—multiple prior complaints about the faulty condition of the guard rail. Even if there had not been a fire, driving our client out onto the balcony, someone else could have gotten hurt just as badly or even worse. With the evidence piling high against him, the landlord and his insurance company gave in. Warshafsky lawyer Mert Rotter settled the case without a trial and got a substantial settlement for our client. She received $159,000 in cash, $180,000 guaranteed at $1000 per month for the next 15 years, and $1000 per month for her normal life expectancy: a total of $471,000.



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Whether you suffer a spinal compression fracture in Milwaukee due to property neglect, slip and fall on icy property in Waukesha, or fall from a ladder while performing maintenance on an apartment property, call our landlord negligence attorneys and get the highest settlement or award possible.

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