Should you hire a medical malpractice attorney? Should you hire a medical malpractice attorney?

If you or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of a physician or other healthcare provider, take advantage of our offer to meet with one of our medical malpractice attorneys at no charge whatsoever. We’ll let you know if you have standing for a malpractice suit, and what to expect as the case progresses. Since we work on a contingency basis, you owe us nothing until your case is resolved and you have received compensation. Additionally, our No Win, No Fee policy ensures you risk nothing when you hire Warshafsky Law.

Milwaukee personal injury law firm on why not to just take the settlement offer

For most Americans, injuries from medical malpractice are something that only happens to other people. Unfortunately, negligence by doctors and healthcare providers is more widespread than most people realize, and by some counts, 1 in every 3 patients will be the victim of an error during a hospital stay.

Chemotherapy being done on a patient who was misdiagnosed with cancer. A surgical instrument inadvertently left inside an abdomen after an appendix operation. Spinal fusion being performed on the wrong disc. Every week, there are an average of 80 “never events” in U. S. hospitals—events so horribly wrong as to be considered “never should take place” events.

If you’re one of the unfortunate victims of medical malpractice, or the spouse of one, the typical scenario that plays out is a seemingly generous offer from the healthcare provider’s insurance company to compensate you for your losses. Their tactic is to get to you before you’ve had a chance to even think about hiring a psychiatric medical malpractice lawyer. Before you agree to meet with them, or deposit any check from them, at least meet with an experienced Milwaukee medical malpractice attorney to get his/her take on the situation.

Insurance company settlement offers: are you settling for less?

Generally speaking, if an insurance company offers you a settlement check it will be considerably less money than you would likely get as the outcome of a malpractice suit. They’re in business to make money, after all. So, don’t count on a check from them being anywhere near what you should be getting—particularly if your injury is going to require ongoing medical treatments.

The Catch-22 for victims of medical malpractice is that many law firms simply cannot afford to take their cases due to the $750,000 cap on reimbursement in Wisconsin. Unless a case involves extraordinary medical costs (which are 100% allowable in malpractice suits) and ongoing medical treatments, the costs to a law firm of pursuing a malpractice suit often exceed the potential payment they would get for their services.

How a medical malpractice attorney can help, even if you never go to court

Entering into any negotiations with insurance company lawyers by yourself is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The only way to ensure a settlement negotiation is anywhere close to fair is to have an experienced attorney on your side of the table. And it definitely helps to have an attorney experienced in taking cases to trial, not the typical “settlement mill” attorney interested only in a quick payout and his cut of the money.

Warshafsky Law has a reputation for being ready, willing and able to take a case to court. Insurance companies know this all too well and will become uncharacteristically generous in modifying their settlement offers if they know there’s potential for a trial—the negative publicity that accompanies a high-profile malpractice case trial is never a good thing.

All malpractice cases have unique circumstances that affect the outcome. Only an experienced malpractice attorney can evaluate the pros and cons of filing suit versus negotiating a settlement. No matter what your exact situation, though, having an attorney representing your best interests will always work out better than going it alone.

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