Compensation for medical negligence causing spinal injury Wisconsin lawsuit nets $4.5 million dollar settlement amount

What needs to be proven in a medical negligence case?

The four elements of medical malpractice must be proven in a medical negligence case. These elements are 1. duty; 2. breach; 3. injury; and 4. proximate causation. Warshafksy won a $4.5 million dollar settlement for a medical negligence case that caused partial paralysis.

Paralysis results from catastrophic health care malpractice in St. Francis, WI

A 48-year-old woman was committed to St. Francis Hospital after falling down the stairs in her home. Suspicious of a spinal injury, emergency personnel fit her with a neck brace. The emergency room doctor performed an examination and found the woman had normal sensation and movement in her legs. She was sent for x-rays and they revealed catastrophic injuries in her neck bones, including a severe fracture and dislocation.

Doctors missed the injury completely and removed her neck brace. In the next few hours, the woman was handled as if she had no neck injury. She was rolled, moved and sat up several times while in the hospital. While preparing the woman to be discharged, a nurse noticed the woman couldn't move on her own. She had been partially paralyzed.

Maximum compensation for missed diagnosis of severe spinal injury

Hospitals need to be held accountable for the quality of their care and attention to their patients. Warshafsky Law Firm was able to prove the hospital acted negligently, missing the diagnosis leading to the woman’s tragic condition. A jury awarded the victim $4,500,000. Clerical errors and overlooked test results are more than mere accidents. The consequences for victims are absolutely catastrophic. Because of medical malpractice attorneys like Ted Warshafsky and Frank Crivello, who obtained this Society Changing Judgment, irresponsible companies are punished for disastrous errors and must streamline their operations as a result. 

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Nobody battles for you like the personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky Law Firm in Milwaukee. Settlement mill firms will lowball you and simply try to get their cut as soon as possible and get you out the door. We will take your case to court for absolutely no charge until we win. No amount of money can replace what is lost when you become paralyzed. However, you deserve everything you can muster from companies whose negligence has irreparably damaged your quality of life. You have suffered a grave injustice—Warshafsky Law Firm will scratch and claw for every last penny.

Move quickly: if you do not file a legal claim within three years, the statute of limitations expires and a court of law will not hear your case. Have us represent you and handle your case—we get the absolute most money for our clients.

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