Colonoscopy lawsuits: sue doctor for medical malpractice Colonoscopy malpractice lawsuits: what you need to know about bowel perforation

Physicians performing these procedures always have patients sign an informed consent form, which explains the risk of colon perforations and other complications during the procedure. However, informed consent is by no means the same as giving permission to be injured during a standard preventive care procedure. If the doctor manipulated the scope too quickly or forcefully and caused injury, you have a legal basis to sue and our Milwaukee malpractice attorneys can help.

Milwaukee medical malpractice attorneys sue negligent doctors

Imagine for a moment you’re like Walter. At 73, you’re getting on in years, and after being coerced by your wife you dutifully go in for a colonoscopy every year. Like she says: “Better safe than sorry.”

It’s no big deal, really. You’ve had 10 or 12 so far and other than a few questionable polyps having to be clipped off everything has been fine. But this time something’s different. As you’re coming back to reality after the light sedation they gave you, the doctor is by your side telling you there was a complication:

“Walter, there was a complication during the procedure. We’re going to have to admit you to the hospital so we can keep you under observation for the next day, just to make sure everything’s ok.”

While stories like this are not one of the most common medical malpractice claims, they do happen. However, if you have a polyp removed or already have some form of colorectal disease, the risk of perforation increases to about 1 incident for every 750 procedures.

Is it worth suing over bowel perforation during colonoscopy?

It all depends. If the perforation is small, it will often seal itself. In such cases, the patient is required to stay in the hospital where progress can be closely monitored and intervention, if necessary, can be quick. Of course, with a hospital stay comes even more medical bills.

With more serious cases of bowel perforation, surgery is required to repair the perforated areas or remove a section of it. Sometimes, such surgery may necessitate a temporary colostomy bag. In cases where serious problems ensue, a colostomy may have to be permanent. It is even possible for a patient to die from complications after a colostomy.

If you have had a bowel perforation or other complications as a result of a colonoscopy, something clearly went wrong during your procedure. Wisconsin law entitles you to sue anyone involved in your medical treatment to recover for your medical costs, time lost from work and pain and suffering you endured as a result of the complications.

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What are the signs of a perforated bowel after a colonoscopy?

The signs of a perforated bowel after a colonoscopy include: - Abdominal pain (usually severe and diffuse) - Severe abdominal cramping - Bloating - Nausea and vomiting - A change in your bowel movements or habits - Rectal bleeding - Fever (typically not immediate) - Chills - Fatigue Bowel perforation symptoms may come on slowly or rapidly depending on the underlying cause.

Can you sue for a colonoscopy gone wrong?

Yes, you can sue for a colonoscopy gone wrong. Wisconsin law entitles you to sue anyone involved in your medical treatment to recover for your medical costs, time lost from work, and pain and suffering you endured as a result of the complications.

Is splenic injury from colonoscopy malpractice?

Splenic injury from colonoscopy can be malpractice if the doctor was negligent in connection with your colonoscopy, the negligence caused the splenic injury and the injury led to specific damages.