Can you sue for injuries your child got while playing football at school?

Most courts will uphold the waiver of responsibility you signed when it comes to inherently dangerous sports and activities like football, gymnastics and even cheerleading.

Although the liability waiver you signed prevents you from suing for an injury that happened while your child was engaged in the activity, and probably from suing over injuries sustained as a result of negligence in supervising or transporting your child to an athletic event, it doesn’t shield the school from liability for an injury caused by gross negligence by school staff.

The term “gross negligence” means a reckless or deliberate failure of the person in charge to exercise due care when they should have known their actions were likely to cause harm. For instance, if a soccer coach has the team running back and forth across the field on a hot day with no water breaks and a player passes out from heatstroke and suffers a serious head injury, this would be an example of gross negligence and a personal injury lawsuit would likely be heard by a court.

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