Compensation for victim of fractured ankle Wisconsin lawsuit nets $127K settlement amount

Are premises liability claims the same as negligence claims?

Premises liability claims are also negligence claims though they have some differences. Premises liability cases occur due to unsafe conditions on someone else's property rather than negligent behavior by the defendant. Warshafsky won a $127,500 dollar settlement for a slip and fall case due to landlord negligence.

Wisconsin personal injury attorneys sue negligent landlord and awning company 

A landlord needed a new awning installed over the entryway of his apartment building. He hired an awning company, who rushed the job and installed a faulty canopy. Water consistently dripped on the steps in front of the front entrance whenever it rained. When winter came, water dripped off the canopy, settled on the front steps and froze.

It was an accident waiting to happen. A seventy-three year old woman afflicted with Parkinson’s disease tried to enter the apartment building but slipped and fell on the ice, suffering a severe fracture in her ankle. The injury immobilized her and she racked up a hefty medical bill. Someone had to pay.

Suing a landlord for slip and fall

Mert Rotter, slip and fall accident laywer of the Warshafsky Law firm, stepped in. He went after the awning company, correctly pointing out the poor installation of the awning led to the accident. However, he didn't stop there. The landlord was also responsible for providing an unsafe living environment to his tenants. Luckily, the woman recovered successfully, but she still spent time suffering from a serious injury. Rotter attacked on both fronts and attained a $127,500 settlement for the woman before the case ever made it to court.

Warshafsky Law has a long history of changing the course of future events by holding negligent parties responsible for their acts. This Society Changing Judgment forces landlords to take their property seriously and protect themselves from punishment by protecting their tenants. Hundreds of times we have prepared cases like yours beyond the brink of trial. Facing unlimited liability AND an expensive jury trial, insurance companies fess up what your case is worth. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky.

Don’t hesitate. Insurance companies rely on potential claimants to delay their claim until the statute of limitation expires (after 3 years). When this happens, your claim is no longer valid. Act now. With the aid of the lawyers at Warshafsky, no insurance company pushes you around.

You can’t put a dollar amount on your quality of living. When an irresponsible party directly affects it, even temporarily, you deserve everything you can get for their negligence. If your child has suffered a slip and fall injury while in the care of others, consult our daycare negligence lawyers. Our accident attorneys punish those whose corner-cutting leads to accidents and tragedies. We don’t ask a dime from you until we win your case. No win? No fee. At Warshafsky Law, we know we can win your case. We strive to maximize your compensation. When you trust in our lawyers, you know you’re getting the best representation in the state of Wisconsin.

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