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What are Wisconsin's product liability laws?

According to Wisconsin State Statute 895.047, manufacturers, distributors and retailers have a responsibility to ensure their products are not dangerous to their users and the public. Wisconsin applies strict liability laws for defective products, meaning companies are fully responsible for covering medical costs and additional damages (i.e. pain & suffering). If you were injured by a product defect, you must prove the defect was "unreasonably dangerous," and the product was defective when it left the seller. Contact an experienced product liability attorney to build an aggressive case against the manufacturer/distributors. 

Maximize monetary compensation  for defective product injuries

Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe. When their manufacturing defects, design failures, and poor choices result in injury or death to the consumer, our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers will hold them accountable and secure the compensation you deserve. The personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law have a long history of securing huge judgments and settlements for clients who have been injured by defective products of all types. As a result, manufacturers have been forced to change the way their products are manufactured to prevent anyone else from being injured. We fondly call these historical cases “Society Changing Judgments.” Throughout our six decades of practice, verdicts from Warshafsky cases have led to the design of safer consumer products & vehicles and the removal of dangerous drugs & pharmaceuticals from the market.

With years of experience and a first-rate investigative team, our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers excel at recovering the highest awards for all types of injuries. Whether your injury was caused by a car or motor vehicle, construction materials, heavy machinery, food, appliances, children’s toys, cribs, car seats, drugs or any other consumer products, Warshafsky Law Firm will build a winning case and aggressively advocate for fair compensation. 

A winning case starts on day one

Part of what sets Warshafsky Law apart from other firms is our willingness to take your case all the way to trial. While other firms are quick to accept the first settlement offer from the manufacturer or its insurance company, we prepare every case as though it will go to trial. Most cases will not go to trial. Companies settle at the last minute before the case escalates to a judge and jury. Insurance companies know we mean business.

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Our Milwaukee product liability attorneys have extensive experience handling complex product liability claims, including those involving many claimants and multiple defendants. If you have been wrongfully injured, you need an insurance attorney or workman's comp attorney skilled in both product liability litigation and negotiation. Consult with a Warshafsky personal injury lawyer to understand the full extent of your claims. Our law firm offers free case evaluations. There is no obligation to retain us for your case. If you do decide to hire us, Warshafsky Law does not collect any payment or dues until after your case is settled in court or a fair settlement is reached.

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What are product defects?

Product defects are flaws in product design, manufacturing or marketing. Companies are legally liable if injury results from product defects.

What do you have to prove in a product liability case?

To win a product liability lawsuit, you must prove 4 things. 1) You were using the product as intended. 2) You were injured or suffered losses. 3) The product is defective. 4) The defect caused your injury.

How much time do I have to file a product liability lawsuit?

Wisconsin has a 15 year statute of repose for product liability actions. This means the defective product must have been manufactured within the last 15 years, unless "the manufacturer made specific representation that the product will last for a period beyond 15 years." - Wisconsin State Statute 895.047(5)