WI product liability settlements: faulty product lawsuits Injury settlement amounts depend on the quality of your lawyer.

If you were injured by a faulty product, product liability may help you recover damages in a personal injury lawsuit. Product liability states that the manufacturer or seller is liable for putting a defective product into the possession of a consumer. As long as the product was sold at some point, it may be possible for the manufacturer, assembler/installer, and/or retail store to be liable.

In determining the liable party, the type of defect will be a factor:

  • Design defect: The defect was present before the product was even manufactured; a conceptual flaw rendering the product unsafe.
  • Manufacturing defect: The defect occurred during the product’s creation or assembly.
  • Marketing defect: The defect occurred in how the product was marketed, including incorrect labeling, poor instructions, or insufficient safety warnings.


Suing for Injury by a Faulty Product

A personal injury lawsuit for an injury caused by a faulty product can be complicated. For example, in Wisconsin, in addition to proving there was a design defect, you must also prove that a reasonable alternative would reduce the dangers of the product.

To further complicate the lawsuit, contributory negligence may be applied. This means that if you are found more than 50% negligent, resulting in your injuries, you will be unable to recover any damages. Additionally, if you are found less than 50% negligent, your damages will be reduced by the same percentage.

Personal Injury Attorneys for Victims Injured by Faulty Power Tools & Other Products

While there are many faulty and unsafe products causing injury to innocent victims, power tool accidents can be among the worst. Our Milwaukee personal injury law firm seeks maximum monetary compensation and wins society-changing judgments fighting for clients injured by defective power tools such as table saws, circular sawsnail guns and power drills including workplace accidents.

Statute of Limitations on Faulty Product Lawsuits

Severe injuries caused by defective gun products, saws, riding lawn mowers and more can be devastating to victims and their families. Wisconsin law sets a time limit of three years form your accident to file a claim for compensation. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury or wrongful death due to a faulty product, take action today.

Faulty product lawsuits can be difficult to navigate on your own. If you were injured by a faulty product, our Milwaukee lawyers will advise you on options for a personal injury lawsuit. Call us for free legal advice.