WI personal injury settlements: firearm accidents lawsuits Injury settlement amounts depend on the quality of your lawyer.

Part of Wisconsin culture is defined by hunting. Each year, hunters flock to the woods in search of deer and other animals. Each year, Wisconsin sees an influx of gun-related injuries. Whether you were injured by a gun or bullet in a hunting accident, weapon malfunction, accidental discharge, or negligent/reckless handling, it is important to know how to proceed with a lawsuit.


Can you sue for being shot?

Yes. When you are injured by a gun, someone is almost always liable. There is no substitute for consulting a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer. Each case is different, so our lawyers will assess your situation, and guide you toward the next steps.

Some common causes of gun/bullet injuries are:

  • Hunting Accidents: These incidents may be caused by factors including: an unsafe environment, gun malfunction, and negligence/recklessness of another hunter. Liability is dependent on the situation.
  • Weapon Malfunction: Though limited, a gun manufacturer can sometimes be found liable for defective products that cause injury.
  • Accidental Discharge: In the majority of cases, the shooter is often found liable, regardless of intent.
  • Negligent/Reckless Handling: If a person intentionally or accidentally handles a gun in such a way that is causes injury, that person will likely be found liable. This includes instances of poor management, and lack of parental supervision.

If your injuries were caused by an unsafe environment, gun malfunction, accidental discharge, or another’s negligent/reckless handling, the personal injury lawyers at our Milwaukee office will hunt for the highest level of compensation for your medical expenses and damages.

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