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Birth defects are often not without cause. With an in-house medical doctor, our Milwaukee personal injury law firm has extensive experience in investigating the causal connection between birth related disability and illness and the liable parties. These parties and their insurers will be held accountable for large monetary judgments. Read more about our Milwaukee birth defect attorney representation.

Getting the Highest Compensation for Birth Related Injuries

When an infant is born without a fair lease on life because of human malfeasance or negligence, grief stricken parents face unimaginable anguish. Every parent would often do anything to undo the harm. Children injured, who survive negligence by birthing professionals or suffering birth defects, face the possibility of lifelong increased medical care and educational costs. A serious emotional cost also impacts all of the people who love the child.

The parties responsible for exposing the child to danger often do very little to improve the situation, even when their insurers are financially accountable for the damage they’ve caused. As a parent, you are not powerless with Warshafsky Law Firm in your corner. Just like we helped a mother from the South Side who was ignored at the hospital, our hospital malpractice attorneys can help you hold those responsible for your child's injury accountable.

Don't Settle - Call the Milwaukee Birth Injury Lawyers at Warshafsky

The Warshafsky Milwaukee personal injury law firm stands alone in their ability and willingness to fund a case all the way through adjudicated compensation. Warshafsky has an incredible array of contacts and resources, including legal attorneys, an in-house investigator, and an attorney who is also a medical doctor. No matter how complex the case or how foreboding the opponent, Warshafsky personal injury law firm will prepare your case to win at trial. Only by being prepared to win a birth defect or birthing injury case at trial can you win in settlement negotiation. Where other firms are quick to settle, we’ll weigh the value of the offer versus expectations at trial to ensure we’re taking the path toward making your family able to afford the care requirements an injured child will incur.

Often, product liability can contribute to the formation of birth defects. If you think exposure to specific substances contributed to your child's condition, contact our Milwaukee product liability attorneys to get the compensation you deserve.


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