Slip & fall on wet floor near Milwaukee: lawsuits & lawyers Attorneys can get higher settlement amount offered if they've won in court.

Wet floors at Milwaukee's commercial properties are incredibly common due to rain, snow, and cleanings. While ensuring a completely dry environment may be impossible, especially with customers tracking in snow and rain, landlords, owners, and managers are still responsible for trying to prevent injury from slick floors.

Slip & fall settlement amounts depend on your total damages (lost wages, medical bills, pain, suffering, and more) along with the quality of your personal injury lawyer. In Wisconsin, slip & fall cases over $5000 are not handled in small claims court.

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Retail stores often use easy-to-maintain linoleum flooring in their buildings. Liquids, from water to cleaning solutions, cause these types of floors to become incredibly slippery and increase the chance of a fall. Even wet carpeting from an incomplete steam cleaning or melted snow can create a dangerous situation.

Making a Case

After slipping on a wet floor, document the area with plenty of pictures. If there is a wet floor sign, make sure to indicate its position in relation to where you fell. A wet floor sign can still indicate negligence on behalf of the business owner. If they were aware of a spill yet did nothing to contain it or clear it, they may still be held accountable for their actions. For example, if a pipe is leaking and only one sign is placed, the puddle continuing to spread past the sign indicates negligence.

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