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Construction workers undergo incredible risk. Whether sustaining sudden injuries or prolonged wear and tear on their bodies, their employer’s insurers and various equipment manufacturers are often liable for medical damages and compensation for missed work caused by on-the-job injuries. In Wisconsin, employers may be liable for all kinds of damages including pain and suffering, lost wages, partial disability, and more. Signing a check could be accepting your employers' insurance company settlement offer. Before you do, contact our Wisconsin construction accident lawyers for representation. No fee until you are compensated. 

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The physical pain of injury coupled with added complication of stopping your income flow makes construction site injuries particularly devastating. Many times construction site injuries permanently change the ability of a person to earn a living or enjoy life the way they did previously. Every day, people face the dangers associated with construction work. Aside from the constant possibility of an instant, life-changing physical injury, the odds of sustaining impairments like a bad back are high. Physical pain, missed time at work and doctor bills add up quickly. Often the businesses or insurance companies responsible for these damages try to avoid taking responsibility.

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Our Milwaukee construction injury attorneys are unrivaled in the ability to get the MOST money for construction site accident victims. Sorting through the insurance industry red tape is daunting. Warshafsky Wisconsin personal injury law firm will do the work, allowing you to focus on recovery. We meticulously investigate the details of every construction site injury case ensuring our clients receive maximum payment for their injury. Our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys and workplace slip and fall lawyers do not sacrifice your bottom line in the interest of fast settlements. We accept settlements only when they are the most prudent course of action FOR OUR CLIENTS.

Clients often choose Warshafsky for our willingness to fund cases entirely, all the way through trial with no fees until recovery is made. The governing question OUR Milwaukee construction accident lawyers always ask themselves is: “How can we get the most money for our client?” We’re very good at accurately answering this question.

Construction Vehicle Accidents

We have years of experience with accidents involving construction vehicles and other commercial vehicles and machinery (such as those used in warehouses, factories, farms, and city maintenance):

Whether you were in a car accident with one of these vehicles on a highway or residential road, or you were driving a malfunctioning construction vehicle, or one of these vehicles struck you while you were working at a construction site, our personal injury attorneys will ensure you get the greatest settlement or judgment amount possible for your injury. In the worst scenarios involving the fatalities of loved ones, our wrongful death attorneys will fight for the highest possible compensation. Our insurance claims lawyers work tirelessly to find a just settlement for your case.

For a free consultation contact our Milwaukee construction site injury lawyers today. Our work injury lawyers fight tirelessly to ensure just settlement is reached for your case.

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