Reporting a death in WI: Call the police then use this 7-day checklist Reporting a death in WI: call the police then use this 7-day checklist

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Report a death in Wisconsin:
A complete checklist of who to notify

I. Report a death to government agencies

II. Report a death to financial agencies

III. Insurance & annuity companies

IV. Credit reporting agencies

V. Memberships

VI. Do not contact lists

Download the Checklist PDF

The death of someone close to you is difficult enough, but not knowing where to start with notifying the appropriate state and government agencies, financial institutions, insurance, and credit card companies make it even harder. We’ve put together this overview to help those dealing with the death of a loved one.

If you are caring for someone who is seriously ill or in hospice, it’s a good idea to review this checklist and start looking up any phone numbers you may need when the time comes. You have enough to deal with, so being one step ahead in the process will make it a little less stressful.

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How can Warshafsky Law help?

There are situations where a death is caused by the neglect or carelessness of another person. A nursing home that fails to properly administer medications, for instance. Or a reckless driver who causes a crash that kills your wife. Or a child care provider fails to provide proper care or supervision of minors, requiring a daycare negligence lawyer. These people need to be held accountable, and your loss needs to be handled as the serious matter it is.

Someone might be only 10% accountable for your loved one's death, and that, more than ever, means you need quality representation in court to be able to prove their guilt and get compensation. Contact Warshafsky Law for a full case analysis today, and get the help you deserve.

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If you believe the death of your spouse or family member was caused by the negligent or careless actions of someone else, or because of an unsafe product, contact Warshafsky Law in Wisconsin. We cannot bring your loved one back, but we can hold those responsible for his/her death accountable and secure compensation for your loss.