Carbon monoxide personal injury lawsuits: WI attorneys win Financial settlement from furnace installer for fatal carbon monoxide leak

While a married couple slept one fateful night, a clogged exhaust pipe filled their home with deadly carbon monoxide. Tragedy struck as the beloved husband was suffocated by the imperceptible gas, sadly leaving the wife a widow. She was rescued from her home before she was injured further, but she lost her husband forever.

The couple could not have prevented it

Experts agree that carbon monoxide cases often require a great deal of detective work. Carbon monoxide is known as a “C.O.T.” gas, meaning it is colorless, odorless and tasteless. It is difficult to detect its deadly presence. Symptoms are often confused with the flu or other illnesses, and usually include headaches, nausea, vomiting and sometimes even convulsions and seizures. But how is a person supposed to detect these vague symptoms while they are sleeping?

Home injury defense attorneys sue furnace installer for wrongful death

Warshafsky hired an investigation team on behalf of their client to find out what was responsible for the noxious leak that took her husband’s life. The case examination revealed a substandard furnace installation a couple of years before. Warshafsky Lawyer Frank Crivello immediately began to build a case against the furnace installer, which he eventually won. Now furnace installers will make sure they fully complete the jobs they were sent to do, without risking or endangering the lives of others. Another Society Changing Judgement from Warshafsky Law Firm.

Carbon monoxide leak lawsuit achieves compensation for home injury victims

If you feel that you have suffered unnecessarily by another’s hand, call Warshafsky Law Firm. Warshafsky Law offers a free initial consultation to hear your case and see if they can help you seek justice. While nothing will bring her husband back, our team of experienced attorneys helped to ease the burden of their client’s irreplaceable loss of her husband.

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