Injured by a bouncer: WI personal injury settlements Injured by bouncer: Can you sue in Wisconsin?

You went out in Wisconsin to have a good time. Being injured by a bouncer was not part of your plan.  How do you determine if your injuries are grounds for a lawsuit?

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What bouncers can and can’t do

Many people think bouncers are synonymous with security guards, however, bouncers receive little to no training when it comes to detaining a patron. Bouncers are subject to laws regarding assault, exactly like every other citizen.

Bouncers can detain you with reasonable restraint if you are committing a crime or causing harm to other patrons or employees. They, like you, also have the right to self-defense if another person initiates violence. Bouncers cannot use excessive force, nor should they put patrons in unsafe situations during detainment, like sitting on them.

Can I file a lawsuit for assault?

Assault is considered intentionally causing another person fear or apprehension of an imminent physical contact or injury. It is considered battery when that physical contact or injury occurs. If you feel the bouncer used excessive force or was unnecessarily aggressive, and you suffered injuries, you may have cause for a civil assault lawsuit.


Suing the bouncer who caused your injuries may seem like the natural course of action. In reality, it is not uncommon for bar employees to be financially unable to compensate you for your injuries. Your other option is to sue the bar/establishment itself.

The experienced personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky Law in Milwaukee, Wisconsin may unearth hidden liability, which could significantly increase the amount of compensation you receive. The smallest details may be the difference in receiving compensation or going home empty-handed.

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