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What should I do if my loved one has been injured in a Milwaukee nursing home?

  1. File a complaint with the Milwaukee County Department on Aging.
  2. Contact the police if you believe the case is an emergency.
  3. Take pictures of any injuries or bruising on the victim.
  4. Contact a personal injury attorney to review your case.

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How to report elder abuse in Milwaukee

Contact the Milwaukee County Department on Aging: 1220 W Vliet St Ste 302, Milwaukee, WI 53205
Daytime hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Daytime phone: 414-289-6874 After hours phone: 866-229-9695 or 9-1-1 if there is an emergency.

Nursing home statistics

In their most recent update with the Trends in Nursing Facility Characteristics in 2015, the American Health Care Association recorded about 1,670,000 certified beds in America for those who need care provided for them. Of those beds, about 1,370,000 patients were noted as filling one of the occupancies. Overall, this means about 85.8% of the certified nursing home beds were filled. The AHCA’s report covered home health agencies, hospices, and nursing homes, but did not include numbers from any hospital or other unlisted medical facilities.

Nursing home neglect & exploitation statistics

In a tort reform law from 2013, state inspection reports of nursing homes and other health care facilities are deemed inadmissible as evidence in civil and criminal cases, according to Sarah Karon from the “A Frail System” project. In the report, they broke down each case and outcome, including a $2.75 million settlement regarding a Chippewa Falls nursing home. Along with this, a nursing home in Greenfield, a health care center in Brookfield, and a care center in Milwaukee were among the top sued nursing home facilities in the state.
The tort law may be a response or direct cause of the following nursing home abuse statistics from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services:

  • 25% of Wisconsin Nursing Home Centers were cited for serious deficiencies.
  • The Health Inspection Category Gave 60% of care provider facilities scores that were below average
  • Wisconsin Nursing Home Centers Earned 3.5 out of 5 Stars for their reports, staff, and other criteria.
  • $3,195,417 fines were issued by CMS in 2014.

Identifying the 7 types of nursing home abuse


1. Patient abandonment

The signs of abandonment abuse in assisted living facilities can be difficult to identify unless you have a consistent, direct, and open line of communication with the individual living in the nursing home. For instance, if a CNA, nurse, or care provider left their shift early without finding someone to cover their patient, a manager may cover up this incident to help protect their facility. Abandonment abuse highlights the importance of visitations and communicating with your loved ones while they are in a nursing home. If your parents or loved ones are communicating signs they are not receiving the care they are supposed to, take action. Without proper and consistent attention, dependent patients can suffer at the hands of careless or irresponsible staff members.

2. Emotional abuse

Emotional nursing home abuse can lead to the development of depression and illness if it is allowed to continue. Whether they are being humiliated, intimidated, isolated, terrorized or ignored by a nursing home staff member, Warshafsky personal injury attorneys can take your case to court and get justice.

3. Financial exploitation

In most cases, exploitation of the elderly is for financial gain. Friends, family members, and even religious leaders have made the effort to profit from the vulnerability of the elderly. If you have a parent who suffers from a mental disease like dementia, they are at an even greater risk of being targeted for financial exploitation.

4. Neglect

Malnutrition, bedsores, pressure ulcers, noticeable weight loss, poor personal hygiene, and aggressive behavior can all be signs an elderly person is being neglected in an assisted living facility. Statistics reveal it all: the signs of nursing home abuse point out the types of neglect are more common than they should be. If you are suspicious of nursing home neglect, report it as soon as possible and get an experienced nursing home abuse Milwaukee law firm on your side!

6. Self-neglect

What happens in self-neglect abuse cases can be hard to identify. Self-neglect is more common with elderly residents who suffer from emotional or mental diseases/trauma. When seniors stop bathing, taking their medications, cleaning, paying bills, eating, or socializing, they are neglecting their own needs and can suffer greatly. Self-neglect abuse is often a hidden problem.

7. Sexual abuse

It can be a sign of sexual abuse in a nursing home if a resident has contracted new STDs, has panic attacks, attempts suicide, has trouble sitting, or seems uncomfortable around specific staff members. Any residents’ unnatural or unusual behavior is a sign of change in their life.  If a nursing home resident is acting strange, don’t make excuses for their behavior. Report it and Milwaukee County will investigate.

Nursing home abuse & injury settlement amounts

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Nursing home abuse hotline in Wisconsin

If you are suspicious about the abuse or neglect of an elder is taking place in a Wisconsin center of care, you must report nursing home abuse with the Division of Quality Assurance (DQA). The process of making a report in Wisconsin is fairly easy and is done directly with a representative of DQA, so your complaint won’t be at the risk of being dropped or covered up by a staff member or facility. In Wisconsin, you are able to report a number of health and residential care facilities.

Report a Wisconsin Nursing Home
Looking for direct communication with a local office? Check out the regional office map.
File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Report an Assisted Living Facility in Wisconsin
See the Bureau of Assisted Living regional office map to find a location near you.
File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Report a Wisconsin Home Health or Hospice Agency
Read more about Home Health and Hospice Complaint Hotline Information before making a formal complaint.
File a Complaint Online:
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Report a Caregiver in Wisconsin
Phone in a Complaint: 1-800-642-6552

Hire a Wisconsin Nursing Home Abuse Attorney
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Phone in a Lawsuit: 414-276-4970

Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse, you can get a free case review to see if you can pursue compensation. Legal compensation can help pay for a victim’s medical expenses and help a family find peace of mind. Contact Warshafsky Law Firm to get started on your case. Our attorneys have won cases against institutions and businesses before. In cases involving fatalities caused by negligence, our wrongful death attorneys will fight for the highest possible compensation.

Verdicts & settlements for American nursing home abuse lawsuits

Find some of the most recent nursing home abuse cases in Wisconsin and around the U.S. with information on verdicts and settlement amounts. These settlements are gathered from around the country and include cases from 2006 up to 2017.

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Nationwide Nursing Home Abuse CasesAmounts Won
January 2017: A mother & daughter have teamed up to sue a nursing home in Virginia. The two are accusing the facility of tying up the 84-year-old woman with bedsheets & injecting her with a narcotic to silence her. 


November, 2016: Two year-long lawsuit settles on verdict regarding nursing home which chose to prioritize maximizing profit over the care of a 64-year old resident, who fell 32 times under their care.  Settlement
Not Yet Made Public
October 2016: Nursing home chain sued following the neglect of residents, lack of facility maintenance, and inability to provide enough staff members to provide basic services. Settlement
May 2016: Resident’s family sues nursing home to seek justice for “repeated instance of abuse and neglect”. The 77-year old resident suffered from multiple infections, bedsores, unexplained bruising, dehydration, and malnutrition before dying. Settlement
May 2015: Leaders of a nursing home are handed a federal lawsuit after providing residents with “non-existent, grossly inadequate, materially substandard, and/or worthless” services, including providing narcotics to treat residents showings signs of pain, dementia, and depression. Settlement
October 2014: Nursing home provider, Extendicare, settles a lawsuit with the federal government following claims of financial exploitation and “disturbing” substandard services. 33 facilities were investigated for this lawsuit, some located in Wisconsin. Settlement
May 2013: Children of a 76-year old female resident sue the nursing home responsible for neglecting her severe abdominal pain following treatment for a stroke.  Settlement
January 2012: Plaintiff sues nursing home whose staff found the body of a 92-year old resident an hour after she fell down a flight of stairs, strapped into a wheelchair.  Settlement
August 2011: Nursing home is taken to court following the death of a resident with Alzheimer’s who died as a result of extreme neglect only three weeks after beginning to live on the property.   Settlement
April 2009: Resident experienced malnutrition, pneumonia, dehydration, 35 bedsores, kidney failure, and urinary tract infections over the course of two years in a neglectful nursing home. Settlement
May 2008: Plaintiff sues nursing home following the death of an 84-year old resident who was given medication she was allergic to. Settlement
June 2007: 78-year old female resident had a hard attack and experienced internal bleeding for days before dying. Plaintiff sues the nursing home, who knew about her condition, but ignored their knowledge and instead tried to cover up their mistake.  Settlement
February 2006: Nursing home sued by the plaintiff for allowing a resident with 30 recorded assaults to move in with another resident, whom he beat. The victim was an 81-year old man. Settlement

*The cases presented above are not Warshafsky Law Firm cases, but are gathered from different lawsuits from Wisconsin and other parts of the United States.*

How long does it take to settle a nursing home lawsuit in Wisconsin?

It takes 18 to 24 months to settle a nursing home lawsuit in Wisconsin.

How much is a nursing home neglect case worth?

A nursing home neglect case is worth $406,000 in damages per claim on average, according to a Health Affairs report.

How do I file a claim against a nursing home?

To file a claim against a nursing home, contact the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. You can file a complaint online by completing the Complaint Intake Survey or call toll-free at 800-642-6552.