Personal injury lawyers for victims of crime in Wisconsin Lawyers for victims of crime in Wisconsin: starting your lawsuit

A personal injury law firm with an investigator can often uncover hidden sources of liability a layman would never think of.

How much money you can receive from an assault case in Wisconsin depends on several factors. The severity of the assault and the amount of evidence presented will affect your compensation. Cases with little evidence may be settled for less than $50,000. An assault and battery case could be worth over $100,000 if the incident occurred on a property where the owner or manager could have prevented it. Punitive damages could raise the value of your case above $250,000.

Anyone who has been caused harm by another person or business may be entitled to financial compensation in a civil case.

Criminal cases are different in that the accused will also face a separate legal matter in their CRIMINAL case. The most familiar example of this was the OJ Simpson trial of the 1990s.

Civil cases vs criminal cases

In OJ’s criminal case, a jury of his peers did not find him “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” so he avoided jail. In a separate CRIMINAL case, a different jury found him “guilty by a preponderance of the evidence”. Some scholars have tried to quantify the difference – speculating criminal cases require greater than 98% or 99% certainty, while civil cases require just 51%.

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Cases where you are the victim of crime in Wisconsin

If you have been harmed by a crime you may be entitled to compensation in a civil trial. The necessary components of a successful civil case play out like this:

Establishing proof for each one of these components can be furthered with the assistance of an experienced injury attorney.

Victim case study – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In 1997, a Warshafsky client stopped at a check-cashing store so that he could mail his tax forms before midnight. While he was parking his car on the store’s lot, two people held him up and shot him. Investigation revealed that despite a long history of crimes against customers in that location, nothing had been done to provide adequate security, lighting or guards. On the day of the trial, Frank Crivello achieved a very substantial settlement, the amount of which is under a secrecy order.

No win, no fee attorneys based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

People choose Warshafsky in part because of our resources. We employ a lawyer who is also a medical doctor and a certified accident investigator. Consultations are free; you will not pay one penny until your receive compensation.

The reality is insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. They don’t want to go to trial and they do NOT want you to choose us. From mugging to false imprisonment, matter the injustice, we prepare your case for trial from the moment you retain us, forcing insurance companies to offer the full value of your case. We’ll outline your best options for getting the most money and if they dare lowball you, we will be ready for trial.

Insurance companies will try to screw you over

Sometimes a quick settlement is not in your best interest. Insurance companies will push you towards fast settlement under the guise of customer service. “Let’s just get this taken care of for you.” Or they will stretch out the process until your case is beyond the statute of limitations. We will help you navigate your medical bills, credit and other financial issues when the need for a trial unfolds. Our insurance claims lawyers and workers comp lawyers work tirelessly to achieve maximum settlement for your case.

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