WI PTSD settlements: personal injury lawsuits Injury settlement amounts depend on the quality of your lawyer.

If you’ve been involved in a serious auto accident, serious physical injuries are only part of what you deal with. Recent studies have shown a surprising number of auto accident survivors struggle with anxiety disorders, phobias about driving and depression—as well as other lingering psychological issues classified under the umbrella of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Get compensation for psychological injuries

While it’s common for auto accident victims to get timely treatment for their physical injuries, the psychological scars often don’t manifest until sometime after the accident. Then, when they do, there is often a reluctance to get help. At Warshafsky Law, we are well acquainted with the issues accident victims face and not afraid to pursue legal action on behalf of those struggling with PTSD brought on by auto accidents. Warshafsky's team of truck accident lawyers has secured generous settlements for our clients. 

6 WI Car Accident Laws that Impact your claim

When it comes to recovering for injuries of any kind, you have one chance to get it right. Hire a “sign and settle” law firm and you’ll get a check in the mail quickly, but it won’t come close to what your case is likely worth. With Warshafsky Law, you’ll have Milwaukee’s most experienced personal injury attorneys fighting to get you the maximum possible compensation.

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