Proving your loss of consortium case

Due to the sensitivity of these cases, professional legal guidance is highly recommended. Loss of consortium damages are paralleled to emotional damage claims in how subjective they may be. Meaning, there is no template on how to prove loss of consortium, but with the experienced injury attorneys at Warshafsky Law, you know you’re getting the right case for your claim.  

Bringing your personal life to court

An often over-looked expectation for these claims is that you, and if applicable your spouse, will have to present incredibly personal information before a judge or jury. This coincides with proving certain factors were true before the accident, including:

  • Healthy marriage
  • The level of companionship
  • How much care the spouse received
  • The spouses life expectancy

These private issues will be brought before the court in order to prove your case. Heavy consideration is recommended before bringing yourself to explain the sexually explicit parts of your marriage in front of an entire court room; the privacy of those details which may become public knowledge after the hearing.

You weren’t injured in the accident, but you’ve still lost the lifestyle you had—your suffering is serious, and demands justice. The car accident injury attorneys at Warshafsky know that an injury doesn’t just affect the injured, and are ready to legally assist in building your loss of consortium case to get you the settlement you deserve.

Warshafsky Helps Victims Get Settlements for All The Ways Their Lives Were Affected by Their Accident

Car accident injuries go beyond mere broken bones and cuts. Sometimes a wreck affects victims in visible ways through loss of mobility and physical handicaps, but sometimes the pain is more difficult to see. PTSD, loss of consortium and emotional damage are all scars that hide under the surface. No matter how your car crash has affected your life, Warshafsky can help you get compensation. It IS about the money.

”Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer, it is that simple. If your lawyer isn’t the best you can count on getting less. If your case isn’t prepared with the intent of walking into court to try it, with a trial attorney you can count on getting less. I worked for 6 yrs representing insurance companies and that’s the way they think.” -Victor Harding Warshafsky Law
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