F A Q’s regarding Brookfield, Wi car accidents

Are there different laws in regard to car accidents in Brookfield?

The prevailing law is Wisconsin statues. Wi Statutes requires drivers involved accidents to stop, render assistance to people who need it, report the accident to local authorities, and stay on scene until police or medical assistance arrives. If there are injuries contacting attorney Frank Crivello at Warshafsky for advice on what to do is always a good idea.

Must I report every Brookfield, Wi. car accidents?

If there are injuries or death, more than one thousand dollars in property damage or damage to government property damage, a car needs to be towed, or wildlife has been killed or injured. Even in moderate damage cases having attorney Crivello negotiate with insurers on your behalf makes sure you are fairly and justly compensated.

Do I need Warshafsky Law?

If you are injured or have substantial damages you absolutely need our real trial attorneys to achieve your maximum judgement or settlement. When you are injured having an attorney of Frank Crivello’s magnitude, one of American Trial Lawyers Top 100, representing your interests is the only way to be certain insurance companies will respect you case and either offer maximum settlement or lose maximum judgement at trial.