Settlements and verdicts affecting change by obtaining huge sums of money for the injured

At Warshafsky Law our attorneys have literally written The Trial Handbook for Wisconsin Lawyers. As a result of our Milwaukee personal injury lawyers aggressively preparing every case, from the very first customer contact, to win at trial the firm has achieved life-restoring judgments at an unprecedented level. The side effect: record settlements and judgments change products and services to the benefit of all of society FOREVER.

Many settlements amounts depend on making insurance company prospective costs go up

You will receive a higher cash settlement if our firm prepares your case to win at trial. IF your case goes to trial we will achieve the highest judgment. We make those responsible pay - literally. There is also a chance we will make your injury or loss such an adverse risk for the liable party that all of society will be safer the day after we win your case. Through your fair and just compensation, a forceful message is sent, prohibiting those in power from ever again letting anyone suffer as unlawfully as you have.

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3 sad truths about personal injury settlements in Wisconsin


1. Insurance companies use lawyers and data to minimize your settlement amount

Insurance companies are built on top of the same actuarial mathematics as Potawatomi Casino. Potawatomi is collecting a billion dollars from Wisconsin pockets every three years because people believe they can beat probability. Actuaries build insurance policies in the same way slot machines are programmed—for maximum profits—by paying out just big enough (and just often enough) to convince passersby they might win. The money it takes to build Wisconsin’s biggest hotel & casino does not come from paying winners. The Potawatomi building is tiny compared to the downtown Milwaukee skyscrapers owned by insurance companies.

The life’s work of hundreds of career mathematicians is built into your policy limits and terms. When the insurance company calls you, they will sound sympathetic. They will follow their script, telling you over and over again, "We’re sorry this happened" and "We just want to get this taken care of for you right away." But like the slot machine paying out the occasional jackpot, the only reason that phone call happens is to increase the insurance company profits.

2. Sign-and-settle lawyers take a cut of your payout without increasing your settlement amount

A sign-and-settle lawsuit is an extension of the insurance company paperwork. The lawyers handle some basic paperwork and send it to the proper department so seamlessly they ought to share office space. Over-the-phone sign-and-settle marketing has been happening for decades. They want you to think getting your case handled fast is in your best interest, which isn’t always the case.

Insurance companies know whether or not your lawyer has a reputation for dragging insurers into costly court battles to squeeze more money out of them. Only when they feel the same fear and uncertainty as their injured clients will you find out what your case is really worth. A personal injury lawyer should make decisions on how to handle your case not based on how fast they can get it over with but on how to make YOU the most money.

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3. Insurance companies value your injury claim based on the quality of your lawyer.

If Warshafsky’s attorneys prepare your case to win at trial, you will receive a higher cash settlement. Prosecution and justice for your injury or loss could make all of society safer from the liable party. Warshafsky sends a forceful message through your fair compensation, prohibiting those in power from ever causing unlawful suffering like yours again. 

It is that simple… If your case isn’t prepared with the intent of walking into court to try it, WITH a trial attorney, you can count on getting less. I worked for 6 years representing insurance companies, and that’s the way they think.
-Victor Harding Car Accident Attorney

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What’s the average car accident settlement in Wisconsin?

There is no public or private database of settlement information that could be reliable drawn on to make this conclusion. Insurance companies surely have their own internal resources they use to correlate conclusions like (hypothetically) “a lost pinkie finger on the non-dominant hand of a plumber is worth $100,000 with a sign-and-settle lawyer.” If the opposing law firm prepares cases to go to court, that changes the math.

What is the average time for a car accident settlement payout in Wisconsin?

There’s no average length of time for a settlement to be paid out. Every person or business involved in the accident could have an insurance company that drags out the timeline. There is a statute of limitations for an accident claim IN COURT. In Wisconsin this is 3 years from discovery of the injury. An insurance company might try to delay your settlement to deny themselves of liability. If you or a loved one was injured or killed, it is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Are settlement amounts confidential in Wisconsin?

Sometimes settlement amounts are confidential. This could be from a request of the injured person or from the negotiated terms of the entity making the settlement offer.

Does my settlement offer depend who my insurance company is, or the other person’s?

Your settlement offer could depend on either insurance company. A personal injury lawyer can sometimes uncover hidden sources of liability to get you get the fair settlement you deserve. We fight for your best interests against big insurance companies including State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, American Family, Progressive, Acuity and West Bend.

Do all law firms have an accident investigator and a lawyer who is also a medical doctor?

No. In many cases, these results benefited from the work of our certified accident investigator or our lawyer who is also a medical doctor. We take cases to win, not for the fast minimum settlement. If you have a case, and your immediate finances are an issue, let us know. We can help.