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How much do personal injury lawyers charge?

Per Wisconsin State Bar reported averages, personal injury attorney contingency fees typically range from 25% to 40%, depending on the complexity of the case. Our no win no fee attorneys fund your case fully through trial. You pay not one penny until you collect compensation. Insurance companies value your claim based on the quality of your lawyer. If your case isn't prepared to go to trial, you get less compensation.

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Personal injury attorneys of Warshafsky Law 

Based in Milwaukee and Madison, our attorneys fight for you to win the highest possible compensation. Our attorneys have a wide range of experience in fighting personal injury cases including car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, slip and fall lawsuits, and more. In cases involving fatalities caused by negligence, our wrongful death attorneys and mesothelioma lawyers will fight for the highest possible compensation.

Contingency fee injury attorneys: don’t settle for “sign & settle”

Many other Wisconsin personal injury attorneys are “settlement mills.” They settle your case as fast as possible, accepting low offers from insurance companies, and make their money by handling a large volume of cases in a short amount of time.

Injured? it is about the money®

At Warshafsky Law Firm, our goal is to get you the money you deserve. Fast, easy settlements are not our priority. As no win, no fee lawyers, we fight for every penny you are owed, and you don’t pay anything until you’ve received your compensation.

No win. No fee. Free Case Assessment.

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No win no fee attorneys that fight for YOU

Our aggressive advocates represent YOUR interest. Warshafsky is a team of people who feel empathy for every client we serve and none for the insurance companies responsible for compensating the injured and paying damages. Every member of our 20-person, and growing, Warshafsky legal team is passionate about making sure every aspect of your case is meticulously examined. 

Legal support is more than just lawyers.

Warshafsky has an attorney who is also a medical doctor on staff reviewing medical charts, medical professional notes and records, diagnosis, disability projections and even coroner’s reports when necessary. We also employ a nationally certified legal investigator who actually collects, documents and preserves evidence. Many times, Warshafsky’s investigator finds evidence no one noticed or that less experienced people did not realize the significance of. While there is overlap with criminal liability, our investigator understands evidence from the perspective of civil liability.

The insurance lawyers work against you. We work against them.

Under Wisconsin law, any personal injury claim above $5,000 must go to civil court. We get the highest settlement possible by starting to prepare your case for trial as soon as you call. We investigate the unique circumstances of your injury and seek out witnesses, medical doctors, and any other person whose testimony will improve your case. We follow your recovery progress and occupational status, as missed time at work usually leads to larger settlements.

Insurance companies make a low offer first to try to save money and time. By preparing for full litigation, our Milwaukee and Madison personal injury lawyers and workman's comp attorneys show the insurers we won’t accept anything less than the maximum legal worth of your injury. Once Warshafsky car insurance lawyers get involved, insurers usually increase their offer in an attempt to avoid the expense of a trial.

What is the statute of limitations in Wisconsin?

The Statute of Limitations in Wisconsin dictates that a settlement must be reached within three years of the initial injury, and some insurance companies may attempt to push as close to that limit as possible in the hopes of paying you less money. In this case, your patience pays off. Literally.

How does payment work?

By offering no win no fee lawyer services, we affirm our total commitment to our clients’ bottom line. Many clients choose Warshafsky Law Firm because we have the financial backbone allowing us to fully fund every case all the way through the verdict. Our clients have no risk ever, we advance all costs. Legal fees are ONLY when we win judgment or maximum settlement for your injury. (Cases involving minors pay a reduced fee.)

What is a retainer fee for a personal injury attorney?

If an attorney does NOT work on contingency they will ask you to agree upon a retainer fee. This is rare in personal injury law. You should choose a lawyer who only gets paid if you win. You should also choose them based on whether or not they actually go to court. Insurance companies know who will settle quickly – for less.

How do personal injury lawyers get paid if they lose a case?

They don’t. Our personal injury lawyers charge cases on contingency, meaning they only receive compensation if you do. If your case is won, your lawyer will receive a percentage of the settlement for their services; there is no charge to you if the case is lost.

How much is a personal injury consultation fee?

It doesn’t cost a penny. Your call to a personal injury lawyer is completely free and will clarify the legitimacy of your claim. While the majority of cases benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer, not every case requires one. Your free call will help you determine whether a lawyer would be profitable to you.

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