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When I was hit by an underinsured driver, Warshafsky was the company I talked to first. Frank Crivello immediately addressed my medical concerns and then we discussed my car. The other drivers insurance company wanted me to settle right away. What the insurance company wanted to offer me barely covered my car issues, I did not even know what my medical bills would be yet. Frank put me at ease that this was not acceptable and he would make sure I would be treated fairly. In the end, Frank made sure my medical bills were covered and my car is good as new. Thanks Frank!

Chris O on

I had the pleasure to work with Krista G. LaFave at Warshafsky law firm. Not only was Krista available for my questions, but she worked hard to get more money than I expected. Because of her insight, and professional advice, I listened to her. I was very anxious and wanted to just get this over with. Krista explained that she wanted to fight harder for me to end up with a better payday. I totally trusted her, I could tell she was fighting for me like I was a family member of hers. So happy to have had Krista fighting for me. I ended up with literally double the amount I had anticipated. Thank you again Krista. 

Jimi M on

I want to thank Warshafsky Law Firm for everything that they have done for me and my daughter. Specifically, Victor C. Harding and Sue M. Soczka. I can't express enough how grateful I am for all of their hard work and dedication. From the beginning to the end, they took control of everything needed to handle my situation. I was regularly contacted and informed about each and every step of the process while working for a positive outcome in my favor. Working with Victor and Sue was not only extremely professional, it was also very personal. I truly felt that I had the support of the entire firm behind me. This is the place, and these are the people, that I would highly recommend having work for you!

Tyler P on

The Warshafsky Law Firm were diligent and very professional. I rarely write a review unless I feel strongly about something, but I truly feel that everyone at Warshafsky worked hard on our case and deserves all the good praises. We never felt like we couldn't trust them to work for us to get everything that we deserved. Trusting in the Warshafsky team, especially Frank T. Crivello, was one of the best decisions my family had made. Not only did we have a really good attorney on our side, but we ended up with someone we can consider a friend as well. I don't know where else we could have found an attorney like that. Thank you, Frank and the Warshafsky team.

Mae C on

​Krista LaFave and Victor Harding made a recovery for almost nine times more than is allowed by law!​ My husband was killed in an auto accident because a municipality failed to erect warning signs alerting drivers of a road closure ahead. Early on, I was told that a municipality is protected by a $50,000 cap and that was the most that could be recovered for his wrongful death. A statutory $50,000 cap enacted 35 years ago is meaningless in today’s dollars. It provides no accountability or consequences for a municipality’s gross negligence. ​Krista and Victor discovered a statute that rendered the $50,000 cap inapplicable in certain situations. The statute written 60 years ago had never before been tested. Through their perseverance in applying this law, I was able to recover far more than the cap. I can only pray that this result causes the municipality to change its ways.​You can’t find better representation out there than can be provided by Warshafsky.

Deidra U on

Call Warshafsky! is what my friends told me. Thankfully in my accident, no one was injured, but I did not want to be taken advantage of by the insurance company. I wasn't sure if I needed a lawyer, but this IS about the money, right? You carefully listened to me about my situation and let me know that you did not feel I needed Warshafsky. Wow!, what honesty. Then you helped me so much by graciously giving me the correct information to help me help myself. I never thought I would say this to an attorney, "You helped, even when there was nothing in it for you." I hope I never need you, but if I do, Warshafsky are my lawyers.

C Boneck on

Milwaukee car accident settlement & judgment amounts

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Types of damages available if you’re injured in Milwaukee

If you have been injured in a car accident you may be entitled to damages, or money, based on a variety of factors. Straightforward economic damages are easier to measure financially. Your compensation may include:

  1. Property damage 
    (typically including the damage to your vehicle and its contents)
  2. Lost wages  
    (loss of income and loss of future earning capacity from being too injured to work)
  3. Medical expenses 
    (including hospital bills past, present, and future)
  4. Emotional distress
    (sleep loss, fear, anxiety, and PTSD experienced after the injury)
  5. Loss of enjoyment/loss of consortium
    (inability to enjoy hobbies and activities, or companionship with your spouse)

A note on pain and suffering and non-economic damages

How much pain and suffering you have endured can be litigated in court. You might experience emotional or psychological distress, mental anguish or suffer from PTSD for the rest of your life. You may feel the person or business who caused your accident behaved so recklessly they should be punished (punitive damages). Sometimes this plays out in the courtroom. The companies responsible for your injuries will try to minimize your payout or absolve themselves of responsibility entirely. The legal valuation of your pain and suffering is a complex analysis you won’t solve by doing your own online research. You should consult an experienced personal injury lawyer for a free case evaluation.


Milwaukee car accident personal injury attorneys

Milwaukee vehicle accident case types


Types of car crash injuries

According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, at least 30,000 people were injured in at least 100,000 car accidents statewide over the past 5 years. Milwaukee County makes up about 20% of those accidents despite only having 16% of the state’s population. Injuries range from bruises and minor lacerations to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. Broken bones can be a precursor to permanent disability. Concussions or neck pain could be indicative of whiplash and lifelong back problems. Delayed pain caused by adrenaline, inflammation, or “shock” can cloud your judgment regarding how injured you are. Getting medical attention early can help build your case against the insurance company later.

Car accident resources


Why police reports are critical to your car accident claim

Several key pieces of evidence support your injury claim after an accident including the police report. Order a copy ASAP. The police report comes from a third-party member who was on the scene of your accident. Since it is the official recording of what happened, it’s vital to have.

You can get a copy of the report easily and for a small fee. The reporting officer should give you a receipt that includes an identification number. Call your local police department and provide them with the number to get the report. If you were never given a receipt or lost it, provide the date, time, and location of the accident to get a copy. 

The report provides a summary of the accident and includes relevant info such as: 

  • Date, time, and location of the accident
  • Name, address, and insurance information of involved parties
  • Traffic citations issued to either party 
  • Identifying information from witnesses 
  • Who was at fault according to the officer

The insurance company will use the report to conduct its own investigation. Without the report, your accident claim may be weak, allowing the insurance company to lowball your settlement offer or even deny your claim. 

Is Wisconsin a no-fault state? 

Wisconsin is a tort state, not a no-fault state. This means that fault is used to determine liability and who will receive compensation after an accident. If you are the person injured and need compensation for medical bills, lost income, pain, and suffering, etc., the at-fault individual is required to pay for all the damages you incurred from the accident. If the responsible party’s insurance can’t cover the total costs, they will have to pay for the remaining damages from their personal assets.

Uninsured & Underinsured Car Accident Victims

If you are involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, you will need to file a claim with your own insurance provider. The at-fault driver’s inadequate insurance will not be able to cover the damages, but your provider should. Your insurance company still might attempt to avoid paying a claim, so you’ll want a team of experienced lawyers on your side to fight off any lowball offers.

Wisconsin State Legislature: Injury to the person. Wisconsin Statute § 893.54 (2023). Duty to report an accident; assistance following an accident. Wisconsin Statute § 346.70.  

How to deal with your insurance company after a Milwaukee car accident

After your Milwaukee car accident, you’ll need to file a claim with your insurance company. When you speak to your provider, they’ll ask for information about the accident. What you decide to share can affect your claim. 

Here is what you should and shouldn’t do when speaking to an insurance adjuster: 

  • DON’T share more than necessary: Anything you say may be used against you to weaken your chances of getting the compensation you deserve. 
  • DO share the date, time, names, and location of the accident: Only provide the facts. 
  • DON’T go into detail about your injury: Insurance companies will try to dig into your medical history to blame your injuries on previous conditions.
  • DON’T admit fault: The insurance company is not on your side. If you take responsibility in any way, they will try to use it against you in your injury claim. 
  • DO hire a personal injury lawyer: Rather than handling the stress of a car accident claim alone, hire a lawyer. Warshafsky handles all conversations with your insurance provider to ensure you get fair compensation, and we won’t settle for less. 
  • DON’T sign insurance documents without speaking to an attorney: If you’re unfamiliar with any insurance documents, speak to your lawyer immediately. Your insurance company will do its best to get you to sign your legal rights away. Don’t fall for it. 
  • DO be polite: Be courteous when speaking to an insurance adjuster but also cautious. Tell the insurance company they should speak to your lawyer to avoid incriminating statements.
  • DON’T accept the first settlement offer: Insurance companies set out to do one thing–save themselves money. They will offer you the lowest settlement amount possible after your accident. Don’t accept it. Call Warshafsky.

Wisconsin is the 4th Worst Driving State in the US - Alcohol and Speeding to Blame

A new study, published by the insurance review site QuoteWizard, found Wisconsin to be one of the worst driving states in the US. Even if you have a perfect driving record, this ranking affects all Wisconsin vehicles.

Nick VinZant, a senior research analyst, sat down with Milwaukee’s TMJ4. VinZant explains, “What we did is we looked at dangerous driving behavior nationwide, specifically speeding tickets, accidents, DUIs and citations… We found that Milwaukee is the worst driving city in Wisconsin.”

Wisconsin ranks 4th in the nation for DUIs and 5th for speeding tickets.

How will this affect your insurance premiums? VinZant estimates your insurance to increase:

  • 26% after a speeding ticket
  • 25% - 75% after an accident
  • $10,000 + extra premiums after a DUI

Most dangerous (deadliest) roads in Milwaukee - 2021

Milwaukee County
Other Injuries in
Fatal Accidents
2021 Fatality
Burleigh St 7 3 Milwaukee, Wauwatosa 57, 68th St, 41, 27th St, Dr. M L King Jr Dr
Capitol Dr 6 1 Milwaukee, Shorewood 27th St, Lake Dr, 57, 190
WI-41 (includes I-94, US-43, US-45) 6 3 Greenfield, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Wauwatosa Burleigh St, Layton Ave, Loomis Rd, Watertown Plank Rd, No intersection
76th St 6 7 Greenfield, Milwaukee 181, Clinton Ave, Denver Ave, O'Connor St, Waterford Ave
Fond du Lac Ave 6 3 Milwaukee 32ND St, Bourbon St, Locust St, Silver Spring Dr, 145
WI-57 (includes Dr. M L King Dr, N. 20th St) 5 7 Milwaukee Auer Ave, Wisconsin Ave, 18, Burleigh St, Capitol Dr
27th St 4 2 Milwaukee National Ave, Auer Ave, Burleigh St, Capitol Dr, Hadley St
60th St 4 5 Milwaukee, Wauwatosa Hampton Ave, Honey Creek Pkwy
Hampton Ave 4 5 Wauwatosa 60th, 90th
Holton St 4 1 Milwaukee Keefe Ave, Townsend St, Burleigh St
In 2021, there were 86 car accident fatalities in Milwaukee County. Counting only those fatal car accidents, there were 57 additional injuries. Source: Wisconsin County TSC Crash Mapping.

Warshafsky Law

Warshafsky prepares every case for full-scale litigation, through the trial and even the appeal. Insurance companies fear our reputation. They WILL settle for a dramatically higher sum than their initial, small offering. We operate under a strict no-win-no-fee policy, meaning we do not collect payment until we win.

Other Law Firms

Most attorneys want to be hired and settle your case fast. Speed of dispensation and volume means more income for these law firms and less for you. These spineless attorneys are simple settlement mills, looking for the quickest pay cut.

101 Car accident fatalities in 2020

Per the Wisconsin DOT statistics from 2021, car accidents went down dramatically in Milwaukee County (from 29,594 in 2019 to 24,276 in 2020) but car accident deaths went up (from 74 in 2019 to 101 in 2020).  Preliminary death count stats suggest 86 in 2021. 2021 total crash data is not yet available.

Milwaukee County car accidents

Milwaukee car accident stats

Milwaukee County car accident deaths

Milwaukee car accident death statistics

We handle all types of car accidents in Milwaukee

Warshfasky Law Firm has represented injured clients in all types of auto accidents in Milwaukee. Each case is unique, the particular facts of your case will be investigated during your free case evaluation.

  • Head-on and rear-end collisions
  • T-Bone intersection accidents
  • Highway rollovers
  • Drunk driver accidents
  • Single vehicle and multi vehicle
  • Distract driver (texting and driving) accidents
  • Uninsured, underinsured, and hit-and-run accidents

Can road conditions impact liability in car accidents?

Common types of car crashes are impacted by icy, wet, debris-filled and improperly designed roads and could impact liability in a car accident. For example, if an entity had a duty to keep an area of pavement well maintained and failed in that duty, it might be argued that their insurance company is liable for your injuries. Call a personal injury attorney after a car accident to examine factors that could affect your case.

Types of vehicles impacting your legal claim

  1. Uber and Lyft cars - Ride sharing services try to insulate themselves from legal liability with end-user license agreements (EULAs) for the passenger (you), and other paperwork for the driver. It may be called into question whose insurance is liable for which monetary damages.
  2. Police cars and ambulances - There are additional car accident laws that apply to government vehicles. For example, under Wisconsin state law you must report an accident if $1,000 or more damage is done to any person’s property vehicle, but that threshold drops to $200 for government property or vehicles.
  3. School buses and garbage trucks - Sometimes a Milwaukee car accident lawyer might seek to enjoin many parties to your lawsuit. The company employing the driver directly could be liable. The entity employing that company could be liable. The insurance company of any involved parties could be liable. A lawyer can help you work this out.
  4. Semi tractors and large trucks - Over the road trucking companies are often protected by huge blanket insurance policies that could be the source of liability needed to help you recover financially. Even if the truck driver was only partly responsible for the damages, the company insurance policy could be responsible for all of your expenses – medical and otherwise.
  5. Motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians - Motorcycle accidents are disproportionately likely to involve serious injury or death. Insurance policies do their best to price this into their policy, collecting maximized premiums each month while providing the minimum possible payout to make your accident claim go away.


Most common causes of serious car accident injuries in Milwaukee

Vehicle wrecks can be caused by texting and driving, following too close, or any other 1000 factors. From February 2021 through January 2022 there were 498 Milwaukee County crashes reported with suspected serious injuries. According to the University of Wisconsin, some of the biggest contributory factors in “serious injury” accidents were:

  • Speed – 157 serious injury accidents 31.5% of crashes had at least one driver who exceeded the speed limit, was driving too fast for conditions, or a citation was issued.
  • Seatbelt – 119 serious injury accidents 23.9% of crashes had one or more persons who did not use any safety equipment. For motorcyclists this includes helmets.
  • Alcohol – 82 serious injury accidents 16.5% of crashes had one or more persons who were suspected by law enforcement to have used alcohol.

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Frequent Milwaukee car accident attorney questions

What is a no win no fee car accident law firm?

Warshafsky Law is a contingency legal firm, which means no-win, no-fee. You won’t pay any money up-front. You only pay only when you receive compensation. This means you don't have to think about hourly fees or retainers punishing you for frequent communication.

What are the most common car accident injuries?

The most common car accident injuries include scrapes and cuts, soft tissue damage and head, chest, arm, and leg injuries.

How is fault determined in a car accident in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin operates under a Shared Fault Law, meaning each person involved can be held partially responsible for the crash. Compensation for damages varies based on the percentage of fault attributed to you. Fault is usually determined by the police officers who respond to the scene. Hire an accident attorney to examine all the evidence to uncover the true liable parties.

Should I hire a lawyer for an auto accident in Milwaukee?

Yes, contact an experienced car wreck lawyer to receive the maximum insurance settlement you deserve. Milwaukee auto insurance companies often lowball claims, and shared liability laws are complicated to navigate. Wisconsin's Statute of Limitations requires you to file your personal injury case within 3 years of discovering the injury. Damages over $5,000 are not handled in small claims court. Hire the best Milwaukee car crash lawyers to build your case with on-site evidence (police reports, medical records, eyewitness testimony) and uncover hidden sources of liability.

When should I call an attorney after a car accident?

Evidence begins deteriorating minutes after the accident. The sooner you contact an attorney the sooner we can begin building your case to win at trial. That is the only way insurance companies will offer you the full value of your case. Online research can be counterproductive. Your case assessment is always free. Act FAST.