Krista LaFave did a wonderful job on my case. She had realistic expectations and was able to guide me through the entire process. She explained difficult concepts and kept me calm and clear during the process. She was also responsive to questions or concerns i had over email and was able to reply quickly. I had a great outcome and couldn't have asked for a better experience.

Lily C

I want to thank Warshafsky Law Firm for everything that they have done for me and my daughter. Specifically, Victor C. Harding and Sue M. Soczka. I can't express enough how grateful I am for all of their hard work and dedication. From the beginning to the end, they took control of everything needed to handle my situation. I was regularly contacted and informed about each and every step of the process while working for a positive outcome in my favor. Working with Victor and Sue was not only extremely professional, it was also very personal. I truly felt that I had the support of the entire firm behind me. This is the place, and these are the people, that I would highly recommend having work for you!

Tyler P

When I was hit by an underinsured driver, Warshafsky was the company I talked to first. Frank Crivello immediately addressed my medical concerns and then we discussed my car. The other drivers insurance company wanted me to settle right away. What the insurance company wanted to offer me barely covered my car issues, I did not even know what my medical bills would be yet. Frank put me at ease that this was not acceptable and he would make sure I would be treated fairly. In the end, Frank made sure my medical bills were covered and my car is good as new. Thanks Frank!

Chris O

Never did I imagine we would hire a personal injury lawyer. In fact, when my husband's life was seriously shaken after an intoxicated driver hit and caused a roll-over (which killed 2 of my husband's friends) we waited almost two months before admitting that we couldn't manage the legal issues and medical bills ourselves. Tom and I learned that our insurance company was not on our side. We also learned that there are so many intricacies in the auto and health insurance industries that we were ill-equipped to handle it all. At this time, we reluctantly called Warshafsky to interview them for possible services. John came to the hospital to meet with us regarding the accident. It was immediately clear that we made the right call and we chose to hire them right away. We turned our worries over to them. We got a call from attorney Krista Rosolino shortly after the initial meeting. From there, we had very regular contact with both Krista and her paralegal Stephanie Laurich. They gave us invaluable advice about what to do/not do. They were responsive to email and phone calls. They were patient with us and our questions. They addressed each of our concerns with both professionalism and care. Tom's injuries were extensive. They required over two months of hospitalization and dozens of surgeries. We were 6 hours from home, making my situation more complicated. When he was finally released, Tom was medically fragile and we were both weary. During this time, Krista and Stephanie were nothing short of amazing. They instilled confidence and demonstrated every ounce of professionalism we needed. Dealing with insurance companies is not for the faint of heart. Both Krista and Stephanie clearly knew their stuff. They went with full force in getting compliance from the insurance companies. They also were very compassionate in our need to work through settlement issues with the other parties. They knew when to be bulldogs and they knew when to listen to us. We loved everything about their work, but that was my favorite part in hiring them. Krista and Stephanie are the real deal. I would recommend them in a heartbeat. Paula

Paula M

I had the pleasure to work with Krista G. LaFave at Warshafsky law firm. Not only was Krista available for my questions, but she worked hard to get more money than I expected. Because of her insight, and professional advice, I listened to her. I was very anxious and wanted to just get this over with. Krista explained that she wanted to fight harder for me to end up with a better payday. I totally trusted her, I could tell she was fighting for me like I was a family member of hers. So happy to have had Krista fighting for me. I ended up with literally double the amount I had anticipated. Thank you again Krista. 

Jimi M

​Krista LaFave and Victor Harding made a recovery for almost nine times more than is allowed by law!​ My husband was killed in an auto accident because a municipality failed to erect warning signs alerting drivers of a road closure ahead. Early on, I was told that a municipality is protected by a $50,000 cap and that was the most that could be recovered for his wrongful death. A statutory $50,000 cap enacted 35 years ago is meaningless in today’s dollars. It provides no accountability or consequences for a municipality’s gross negligence. ​Krista and Victor discovered a statute that rendered the $50,000 cap inapplicable in certain situations. The statute written 60 years ago had never before been tested. Through their perseverance in applying this law, I was able to recover far more than the cap. I can only pray that this result causes the municipality to change its ways.​You can’t find better representation out there than can be provided by Warshafsky.

Deidra U

I was so very pleased with how helpful this law firm was, especially Keith Trower We would not have gotten through this trying time without him and Warshafsky law firm.

David Z

The Warshafsky Law Firm were diligent and very professional. I rarely write a review unless I feel strongly about something, but I truly feel that everyone at Warshafsky worked hard on our case and deserves all the good praises. We never felt like we couldn't trust them to work for us to get everything that we deserved. Trusting in the Warshafsky team, especially Frank T. Crivello, was one of the best decisions my family had made. Not only did we have a really good attorney on our side, but we ended up with someone we can consider a friend as well. I don't know where else we could have found an attorney like that. Thank you, Frank and the Warshafsky team.

Mae C

“...Warshafsky was able to get us $3.9 million instead of the $750k that the other company was offering for liability. Attorney Frank Crivello of Warshafsky Law Firm made us feel like more than just a client. He made me feel like a friend, a family member, like a person that he cared about. 12 years after the accident, I still talk to Frank Crivello. He’s become a friend of mine. I don’t wish tragedy on anyone, but if there’s a tragedy in your life, the Warshafsky Law Firm will take care of you and your family.”

Scott H

My husband was in a very bad accident. A truck crossed the center line of the highway and hit his vehicle head on. We recognized right away the need for an experienced lawyer that we could trust. The insurance company representing the company responsible for the accident, called us within the first 24 hours of the accident. Our family lawyer recommended Frank Crivello of Warshafsky, Rotter, Tarnoff & Bloch. We knew from our first meeting that we were in good hands. Frank made us feel comfortable and inspired confidence in how to proceed. It was an enormous weight off of our shoulders, and we were allowed to focus on the recovery of my husband. Throughout the 3+ years of multiple surgeries, Frank and his paralegal Sandra were by our side. He kept us informed of every action needed, and had a long term plan for either settlement or trial. He always had our best interests in mind, and spent a great deal of time laying out pros and cons every step of the way, and most importantly, he helped us understand in layman's terms the legal terms and actions. His negotiating skills are second to none, and he always had a solid plan of action. He was always available to us, and provided his undivided attention. Frank's in-depth understanding of my husband's medical issues and surgical procedures gave us great confidence during the development of the case and during depositions. Frank, Sandra, and this firm exceeded all our expectations and achieved a settlement that we were pleased with. We recommend Frank and his firm to anyone in need of personal injury experience. The professionalism, concern, and care for our wellbeing for over 3 years made all the difference in the world. The settlement or recovery met our best interests and would not have been possible without Frank and Sandra.

Mary W

I cannot say enough about the Warshafsky Law Firm Team - they are incredible. Responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and tenacious in protecting and advocating for their clients. I trusted they were acting on my behalf and ensuring my best interests were represented throughout my case, and the outcome was exactly what I needed. Best in class legal team AND client advocates. Thank you!!

Jenifer O

Absolutely a great law firm!! If you want excellent representation ask for Attorney Frank Crivello and his paralegal, Sue. They went above and beyond when representing our Father.

Kristi K-O

Victor Harding and his team went above and beyond for my son's personal injury. I highly recommend this law firm to everyone I know! Thank you!!

Sherry B

The best law firm in the state!! Extremely professional and yet personal. They absolutely care about you and your family get the best legal representation you could ask for. I have known this firm for over 30 years and they are the gold standard for law firms. Frank Crivello is the smartest and most honest lawyer I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Antonio J. Z

Victor Harding no sugarcoating right to the point did me a wonderful job and did as he said he would. I recommend him to anyone in need of a law firm thank you Victor and your team

Steven Z

Call Warshafsky! is what my friends told me. Thankfully in my accident, no one was injured, but I did not want to be taken advantage of by the insurance company. I wasn't sure if I needed a lawyer, but this IS about the money, right? You carefully listened to me about my situation and let me know that you did not feel I needed Warshafsky. Wow!, what honesty. Then you helped me so much by graciously giving me the correct information to help me help myself. I never thought I would say this to an attorney, "You helped, even when there was nothing in it for you." I hope I never need you, but if I do, Warshafsky are my lawyers.

C Boneck

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