Oak Creek, Wisconsin Automobile Accident FAQ’s

How far south will Warshafsky Law represent car accident victims?

While Oak Creek is a south side Milwaukee suburb Warshafsky represents the injured much farther south. Licensed to practice law in Illinois, Attorney Keith Trower takes all the benefits of Warshafsky law including a Board Certified Private Investigator, a medical doctor who is also an attorney and one of the most experienced legal teams in the Midwest south all the way to Illinois southern border.

Are car accident laws the same in Illinois and Wisconsin?

Absolutely NOT. Not only are the laws governing responsibilities and defining liability different the Wisconsin legislature has passed statues limiting liability of government and of many professionals. Attorney Keith Trower and the Warshafsky firm have maximized compensation for Illinois residents injured in Wisconsin or Wisconsin residents injured in Illinois by getting the injury liability case jurisdiction moved to Illinois. We do everything that can be done to make our clients as whole as possible.

I was injured in Oak Creek but live in Chicago, do I need a Wisconsin or Illinois lawyer?

The answer is YES you do. That is why Warshafsky trial attorney Trower is licensed to practice law in both Wisconsin and Illinois. Knowing both state’s laws makes Keith uniquely qualified to examine your car accident case and decide how and where to proceed.