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​Krista LaFave and Victor Harding made a recovery for almost nine times more than is allowed by law!​ My husband was killed in an auto accident because a municipality failed to erect warning signs alerting drivers of a road closure ahead. Early on, I was told that a municipality is protected by a $50,000 cap and that was the most that could be recovered for his wrongful death. A statutory $50,000 cap enacted 35 years ago is meaningless in today’s dollars. It provides no accountability or consequences for a municipality’s gross negligence. ​Krista and Victor discovered a statute that rendered the $50,000 cap inapplicable in certain situations. The statute written 60 years ago had never before been tested. Through their perseverance in applying this law, I was able to recover far more than the cap. I can only pray that this result causes the municipality to change its ways.​You can’t find better representation out there than can be provided by Warshafsky.

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Don't sign anything, even a check. Call Warshafsky.

In almost all injury cases, even accidents without injury insurance companies want to close the file on liability as fast as possible. It’s very common for an insurance adjuster or negotiator to come as a customer service representative check in hand. “We want to make it right and get this taken care of for you… quickly”. That check is a binding contract ending liability for injuries and damages that may not be apparent at the point you are talking to the insurance customer service representative. The check is a settlement OFFER. Even if the pressure of mounting medical bills feels like the biggest financial disaster of your life. Not talking to an experienced TRIAL attorney may cost you for the rest of your life.

No win no fee personal injury lawyers means you pay nothing until you are paid

Your financial difficulties are your concern with sign-and-settle lawyers. Your aggressive advocates at Warshafsky will relieve some of the pressure of bill collectors and creditors as we help you navigate your current finances, charging not one penny until you COLLECT payment.

Free initial Milwaukee personal injury consultation and case review

Our personal injury lawyers in Milwaukee provide free initial case evaluations on various types of personal injury cases and claims. If we take your case, we’ll move forward fully funding all proceedings. You will incur no fee until, and unless, we recover damages via settlement or full-scale litigation. Our unique value comes in preparing for litigation at all times. We maximize your position during settlement negotiations by holding the hammer of adjudicated justice over the heads of all parties responsible for our client’s injury or damages. Insurance companies have an incredible tendency to raise their settlement offers when Warshafsky begins preparing your case. Insurers know our name and are aware our Wisconsin contingency and asbestos lawyers have your case ready to win at trial and appeal no matter what type of personal injury claims you're making.

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Milwaukee Law Firm Frequently Asked Questions

When should I hire a personal injury lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident, contact Warshafsky immediately. The sooner we begin building the foundation of your case, the more money you will be able to receive for your injuries and damages. There is a statute of limitations on older injuries limiting the liability of the responsible parties. Do not hesitate to take action when your health is at stake.

Should I sign the check from the insurance company?

Ask an attorney. The settlement check could be a settlement offer attempting to absolve them of further liability.

How much does it cost to talk to a personal injury lawyer?

It doesn’t cost a penny. Your call to a personal injury lawyer is completely free and will clarify the legitimacy of your claim. While the majority of cases benefit from hiring a personal injury lawyer, not every case requires one. Your free call will help you determine whether a lawyer would be profitable to you.

How long does it take to get a settlement from a personal injury lawsuit?

It will take anywhere from several months to three years to get a settlement check in a personal injury lawsuit. Beware the quick settlement. Here’s why: A short settlement can leave you short in compensation because insurance companies will only pay large sums after investigating all aspects of liability and damages. Often, insurance companies will deny and defer your claim, hoping the need for speedy compensation will lead you to accept a smaller settlement.

What factors impact how long it takes to get my personal injury settlement check?

There are many factors including (1) the amount of time it takes to reach maximum recovery (2) an additional 30-60 days to collect medical bills/records and submit to insurance (3) potentially 4-6 weeks for insurance to review the claim (4) negotiation of settlement, or litigation to agree on settlement. Every case is different. If your finances are an immediate problem we can likely help.

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