"The Warshafsky team is incredible, responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and tenacious"

I cannot say enough about the Warshafsky Law Firm Team - they are incredible. Responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and tenacious in protecting and advocating for their clients. I trusted they were acting on my behalf and ensuring my best interests were represented throughout my case, and the outcome was...

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Jenifer O
Milwaukee personal injury lawyer for premise liability lawsuit

Who you can trust

Most Milwaukee law firms try to fix everything in just one phone call. Warshafsky Law knows your injury deserves more than just a phone call. Our team of personal injury lawyers isn’t afraid to challenge private property owners or commercial property owners. Warshafsky will fight to prove the property owner is liable for the injuries you sustained.

The only thing a property owner or their insurance company cares about is giving you the lowest settlement possible. We aren't saying the farmer who lets you hunt on his land is a bad person. He's trying to minimize his costs just like anyone else would. It can be tempting to just sign the check and put everything behind you. You'll be lucky if the lowball offer from the insurance company will even cover your medical expenses. Warshafsky Law cares about one thing: getting you the most compensation possible.

Free legal consultations and no win, no fee policy

Fighting a corporation's massive legal team in court is frightening to most law firms. Warshafsky Law is not most law firms. If a business can afford an expensive legal team, they can afford to compensate someone they've wronged. Insurance companies base your claim on the quality of your lawyer. Having the best personal injury lawyers fight for your premise liability case is the first step to getting the compensation you deserve. We know that no amount of money will ever undo the injuries you've endured or the trauma you've experienced.

When people choose their Wisconsin personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages. Warshafsky is no settlement mill. Hundreds of times we have prepared cases to win at trial. Facing unlimited liability AND a jury trial, insurance companies settle for a much larger amount than they initially offer. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky. Insurance companies know:


Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawsuits Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sue a property owner for an injury?

If you can prove you have an invitee, licensee or trespasser relationship with the property owner, you may able to sue for physical, emotional & monetary damages. Consult a personal injury lawyer for a case evaluation.

Can a trespasser sue the property owners in the state of Wisconsin?

Generally, trespassers cannot sue as they were breaking the law when they were injured. An exception would be if the property owner was fully aware of the unsafe conditions on the premises.

Who is considered a trespasser in Wisconsin?

Anyone that enters someone else’s property or stays longer than invited on the property is considered a trespasser.

Can you sue for slipping and falling on someone’s property in Wisconsin?

If the cause of the fall was due to negligence of the property owner, you may be able to sue for damages. For example if a pizza delivery person slips on an icy, unsalted driveway, he may be entitled to compensation.

How to win a premise liability case in Wisconsin?

Premise liability cases require you to prove your relationship with the property owner, the existence of duty, a breach of duty and the injury occurred on the property. The three relationships you may have to a property owner are: invitees who are invited onto the property, licensees who are conducting business on the property and trespassers (anticipated or unanticipated) who are not invited onto the property.