Hire the experts at a Milwaukee law firm for your riding lawnmower injury suit

Generally speaking, you have one shot at restitution through the legal system, so you want the best legal team you can get on your side. Around Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and even throughout the United States, Warshafsky Law is known for its commitment to putting its clients first. Unlike the typical “sign and settle” law firm that favors cutting deals with the insurance companies they’re supposed to be litigating against, Warshafsky Law prepares every case from day one as if it will be heard before a judge and jury. The insurance companies we square off against know we won’t settle for the first lowball offer they toss out. Result: higher settlements and, when necessary, even higher awards from the court.

Often, the cases we take on have far-reaching benefits for society at large. When a manufacturer loses millions of dollars over a product liability or wrongful death lawsuit, they usually want to prevent it from happening again. They implement the appropriate safety measures to protect those using their products in the future. We call these cases Society Changing Judgments.

The expert personal injury attorneys in Milwaukee—at no upfront cost to you

If you want a fighter on your side, you want one of our Milwaukee personal injury attorneys. We literally wrote the book on trial law in Wisconsin—the massive Trial Handbook for Wisconsin Lawyers. No personal injury law firm in the Milwaukee area, or for that matter in the state of Wisconsin, will do more to ensure you get the maximum possible compensation for your injuries than Warshafsky Law.

As if this isn’t reason enough to hire Warshafsky Law, there is no upfront cost to you whatsoever. If you have legitimate grounds for a personal injury lawsuit, we will represent you with no retainer fee and no monthly bills. Only after your case is resolved and you have received compensation do we ask for payment. And if for any reason we do not prevail for you, our No Win, No Fee policy ensures you owe us nothing.