Bring negligent companies to justice

As the leading personal injury law firm in Milwaukee, Warshafsky Law is extremely adept at identifying all those who had a hand in causing your injury to ensure the maximum compensation possible. By turning over every stone, we often find the big-dollar individuals and companies who also need to be held accountable. This is especially true for cases involving children and minors, which is why Warshafsky's daycare negligence lawyers fight for child care accountability. For every Michele with a moderately burned hand, there’s someone who has suffered far worse. Like the electrician with third-degree burns over his body from an electrical substation explosion or the ship worker left brain-damaged after cleaning out a furnace, unable to even remember his wife or his infant son. 

While it’s true no amount of money can change what has already happened, it can pay for the burdensome medical costs you’ve incurred, the loss of earnings, in-home care or care at a facility and, in the worst cases, funeral costs and loss of companionship with a loved one. Just as importantly, a significant award of damages in a personal injury lawsuit also sends a message that society will not stand by and let lives be ruined without some punishment for those responsible. Only by hitting where it hurts the most—namely, their bank accounts—does the message seem to get across. Only then are changes made to keep it from ever happening again.

The best personal injury attorneys in Milwaukee, at no upfront cost to you

If you choose to let Warsharsky Law represent you, we do not ask for payment from you until your case has been resolved and you have received financial compensation for your injuries and expenses. Also, our No-Win No-Fee policy ensures you owe us nothing if we do not prevail in securing compensation for you. If you’ve been injured at the Milwaukee County Zoo, Milwaukee Public Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum, Harley-Davidson Museum, Discovery World, or another Milwaukee attraction, our personal injury attorneys are not afraid to take on these big opponents, the county, and even the state of Wisconsin if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve. With Warshafsky Law, there is absolutely no financial risk in having us represent you. And the upside can be quite substantial.

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