Choosing a law firm: 4 things to ask your lawyer before you hire them Finding the best personal injury lawyer in WI: 4 questions to ask

Imagine for a moment you’ve been seriously injured due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence. On top of dealing with your injuries and worrying about making ends meet when you can’t earn a paycheck, you’ve got to find an attorney to help you recover your medical expenses. Understandably, most people in this situation have no idea where to start. So, whether you’re presently dealing with a similar predicament yourself, know someone who is, or just want to be prepared for the possibility you may have to deal with it someday, these are 4 key things to ask about:

  1. Lawyers' trial willingness & trial experience
  2. Dedicated practice law firm
  3. Attorney recognition & awards
  4. Ease of access to your lawyer

1. The lawyers' trial willingness & trial experience

If we could pick one thing this would be it. The real question people should ask is how to find a reputable personal injury lawyer. Because insurance companies KNOW and MAKE DECISIONS based on your attorney's willingness to go to trial. To them, a trial adds uncertainty and potentially increased liability. The first thing many insurance companies will do is send you a smaller check than you deserve. They will call you and tell you they just want to get everything taken care of quickly. They may even try to get you on a first-name basis so you think Bob or Susan has your best interests in mind.

They don't.

The initial check you receive is often a settlement offer. They want you to take what you can get now.  You're already worried about those medical bills. What about your credit score? Better sign the check fast, right? WRONG. Some famous personal injury lawyers in the Milwaukee area have never won a single case in court.

2. Dedicated practice law firm

Lawyers are not allowed to market themselves as specialists. But pay attention to the practice areas on their website. Do they also offer divorce, paternity, wills & trusts and DUI? You are looking for someone who makes a living holding the insurance companies' feet near the coals.

3. Attorney recognition & awards

Check out the credentials of the lawyer leading your case. An attorney who spends a lot of time marketing themselves and putting themselves forward as an expert is not necessarily the same as an attorney who knows how to prepare a case to win at trial - including possible appeals.

People often choose Warshafsky for our willingness to fund a case all the way through trial and even appeal. We have the resources to fund every cent of a prolonged legal battle to get the most money for our clients. Your insurance company wants you to sign the first check and settle fast. They have huge teams of employees whose job is to keep legal costs and liabilities minimized. Finding a personal injury attorney or a mesothelioma lawyer to best push their buttons is your task. If you are worried about cash flow have that conversation with your lawyer.

4. Ease of access to your lawyer

The number one reason a client will get angry and leave their previous attorney to come to Warshafsky is a lack of communication. Your lawyer should be clear on timelines around your case and when you'll know what information. The reality is most cases do not wrap up in a few days. If your case is being resolved with just one phone call there's a good chance you could be getting a lot more money. With that said, a good attorney-client relationship will involve transparency in communication.

Three places to start your search for a personal injury lawyer

There is no shortage of personal injury attorneys in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. You could literally spend days going through the phone book calling every law office from Mequon to Muskego. But no one has time for that. So here are three ways to narrow down the search:

Other lawyers

Most families have had to hire a lawyer at one point or another, usually for assistance in preparing a will or trust. Although personal injury suits are not their specialty, such lawyers usually know who are the best personal injury attorneys in their area and can make a suggestion or two.


Ask around. Chances are someone you know has had to retain an attorney for a personal injury claim, or they know someone who has. If you get a recommendation, contact the attorney’s office and ask if they offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation. If they do, make an appointment. It’s a great opportunity to get a sense of how the attorney would handle your case and how aggressive they are in representing clients in cases like yours.

The internet

The obvious place to start is the Internet. While there’s nothing wrong with Googling “Personal Injury Attorney Milwaukee,” the results you get back can be overwhelming. And, of course, looking at websites for different law firms doesn’t usually provide much insight into how these firms operate or how aggressive they are.

The trouble with hiring a firm based just on their website is they often don’t disclose they are what is known as a “sign and settle” law firm. These firms virtually never take a case to trial, preferring instead to work out a settlement with the opposing side. These settlements are usually for far less than the injury merits. The lawyers benefit by getting a case concluded quickly and taking their cut of the settlement money, but you end up on the short end of the stick.

So, be very cautious about hiring any law firm that spends more time boasting about how many settlements they’ve handled than about awards they’ve won. Settlements are out of court agreements. Awards are court-ordered damages paid to the injured party. Hire a law firm that is quick to settle, and you will literally settle for less.

The best personal injury law firm in Milwaukee is…

Quite simply, it’s the law firm that doesn’t back down from taking a case to court, the one that fights tooth and nail for the maximum amount possible, and the one that doesn’t charge you for their work until the case is resolved and you have received your compensation.

All of which perfectly describes Warshafasky Law Firm. And, yes, Warshafsky is one of those firms that offers a free initial consultation. Take advantage of it!

Our personal injury attorneys serve clients in and around:

  • Milwaukee
  • Waukesha
  • Brookfield
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  • New Berlin
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  • Kenosha
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  • Menomonee Falls
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Experienced Warshafsky personal injury lawyers help injured accident victims get the fair settlement they deserve. We fight for your best interests against big insurance companies including State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, American Family, Progressive, Acuity and West Bend

Bonus tips for finding a personal injury lawyer

  • Act fast. This is not about a high-pressure sales pitch - you DO want to have your information prepared as soon as possible. If your firm has a professional accident investigator, the sooner he takes your case the more information is often available.
  • Be patient. If you feel like have medical creditors breathing down your neck and you're worried about your credit, find out what your attorney can do in relation to your lien holders. Part of the game is making sure the insurance company knows you are prepared to go the distance at trial.
  • Get photos of your injuries - before they heal. Bruises and cuts are often great evidence as to the extent of your injuries.
  • Go see the doctor for any medical attention you require. Trying to tough it out could just defer your medical costs until after your case is closed.

Learn more about how to find a personal injury lawyer.

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