What to know about Progressive repairs after your car accident

A "Progressive repair shop in Wisconsin" is a myth, plus 3 other lies

Lie #1: “We’d like to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible.”

When the Progressive Insurance rep tells you “I know how frustrating this must be” and “We want to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible,” watch out. They know how inconvenient it is to be without a car, so they know you’ll probably go along with whatever they propose for getting the work done.

Lie #2: “There’s a Progressive shop near you…”

The truth is that no one working for Progressive Insurance is looking out for your best interests. They’re looking to pay the least amount possible. And this includes whichever shop will do the work for the least amount of money. The shop “near you” isn’t necessarily the best shop to repair your car, and it may not even be the nearest shop. If there’s a body shop you know and trust and you’d rather have them work on your car, tell the insurance company. 

Lie #3: “Aftermarket parts are just as good as the OEM parts”

Progressive Insurance (and other insurance companies) will tell you aftermarket parts are fine, of course. They’re looking for the cheapest possible way to get your car repaired. Aftermarket parts are notorious for not fitting like OEM parts, not lasting as long, and not working as well as OEM parts.

The Big Lie in Personal Injury Settlements

The biggest lie you’ll get is that their settlement offer is the best they can do. Question this and they’ll tell you how the dollar amount was carefully calculated to cover all reasonable costs. Actually, it was calculated to cost them the least amount possible. As soon as you cash a settlement check, you’ve waived your right to litigate for a higher settlement. Instead, get the opinion of an experienced personal injury attorney.

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Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawsuits Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Progressive settlement check?

Reporting a claim with Progressive is easily done online, over the phone or using the mobile app. Insurance companies are eager to make filing a claim as easy and fast as they can for you—hoping you'll quickly accept a lowball offer so they can cross your claim off their ledger. Eventually, they'll send you a settlement offer in the form of a check. Keep in mind that this is just an offer, and can be negotiated.

When can I expect to get my funds after a personal injury settlement?

Expect to receive funds roughly five to six weeks after your personal injury settlement. A delay can occur due to specific processes of the insurance company or debts and payments.

Does Warshafsky charge you if your case is lost?

If a case is lost, Warshafsky will not charge you. We pride ourselves on our No Win, No Fee policy.

Will Progressive raise your insurance rates after an accident?

If you were involved in an at-fault accident, Progressive may raise your insurance rates. An at-fault auto accident may increase your rate by an average of 41%.

How can I negotiate settlement amounts with Progressive?

Improve the odds of your Progressive insurance payout by contacting a personal injury lawyer to deal with the legions of trained representatives and attorneys at the insurance company.

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