biggest lies about vehicle repairs

A "State Farm repair shop in Wisconsin" is a myth & 3 other lies

Lie #1: “We’d like to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible.”

When the State Farm insurance rep tells you “I know how frustrating this must be” and “We want to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible,” watch out. They know how inconvenient it is to be without a car and know you’ll do whatever they ask to get the work done.

Lie #2: “There’s a State Farm body shop near you…”

In truth, no one working for State Farm is looking out for your best interests. They’re looking for the cheapest way to get your car fixed. The shop “near you” isn’t necessarily the best shop to repair your car, and it may not even be the nearest shop. You have no obligation to get your car repaired at the shop State Farm tells you to, so tell the insurance company if you have your own body shop in mind.

Lie #3: “Aftermarket parts are just as good as the OEM parts”

If you’re going to have parts of your car replaced, you want them replaced with OEM parts—not aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are notorious for not fitting as well as OEM parts, not lasting as long, and not working as well. State Farm is just looking to get the job done as cheaply as possible. Although it’s virtually impossible to get new OEM parts for an older car, there’s no reason why you can’t get OEM parts for a late model car. You have no reason to settle for anything less.

The Big Lie in Personal Injury Settlements

The biggest lie you’ll hear from an insurance company is their settlement offer is the best they can do. If you’ve been unable to work because of your accident and bill collectors are hounding you, their settlement check brings instant relief. Our advice: Don’t cash it! As soon as you do, you’ve waived your right to litigate for a higher settlement. Instead, get the opinion of an experienced personal injury attorney. We recommend you contact us even before reporting your accident to State Farm. Warshafsky Law offers free case assessments. 


Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawsuits Frequently Asked Questions

How much will State Farm pay for pain and suffering?

State Farm does occasionally pay for pain and suffering, usually smaller amounts between $250-$1000. The typical payout for pain and suffering claims from any insurance company is less than $15,000.

How much does your insurance go up after an accident with State Farm in Wisconsin?

On average your State Farm insurance will go up by 18% after an at-fault car accident. In Wisconsin, the average yearly car insurance payments increased by 47% after an at-fault accident.

How long does it take State Farm to settle a claim in Wisconsin?

According to State Farm, it takes most people around two weeks to settle a claim. In Wisconsin, an insurance company has 30 days to pay a claim after receiving written notice reporting a loss. This is mandatory under Wisconsin State Legislature 628.46.

How do I get a settlement offer from State Farm?

You can report your State Farm claim online, using their mobile app, by calling an 800 number, or by contacting your agent. During the claim process, expect anyone you meet - a customer service representative, liability examiner, or claims adjuster - to assure you they are working for your best interest. Don't fall for it.

How can I negotiate settlement amounts with State Farm?

To negotiate your settlement amount with State Farm, you should consider hiring a personal injury attorney who knows the ins and outs of insurance companies. Make sure to file as quickly as possible and document everything, especially conversations you have with the insurance company.

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