What to know about Allstate repairs after your car accident

An "Allstate repair shop in Wisconsin" is a myth, plus 3 other lies

Lie #1: “We want to get this taken care of for you right away”

When an insurance rep tells you “I know how frustrating this must be” and “We want to get this taken care of for you as quickly as possible,” beware. They know what an inconvenience it is to be without a car, so you’ll probably go along with whatever they propose. 

Lie #2: “There’s an Allstate shop near you…”

The thing is, no one working for Allstate is looking out for your best interests. They’re looking to pay the least amount possible. While minimizing payouts on claims may be good for company insiders and stockholders, it’s no good for policyholders. The shop “near you” isn’t necessarily the best shop to repair your car, and it may not even be the nearest shop. If there’s a body shop you know and trust, tell the insurance agent.

Lie #3: “There’s no difference between OEM and aftermarket parts”

There’s a reason Allstate and other insurance companies will tell you aftermarket parts are fine: They’re looking for the cheapest possible way to have your car repaired. Aftermarket parts often don’t fit correctly, last as long, or work as well as OEM parts. While it may be impossible to get new OEM parts for an older car, there’s no reason why you can’t get OEM parts for a later model. Don't settle for less.

The Big Lie in Personal Injury Settlements

The biggest lie you’ll get from your insurance company is that their settlement offer is the best they can do. They’ll tell you how the dollar amount was carefully calculated to cover all reasonable costs. In reality, it was calculated to cost them the least amount possible. The settlement offer usually comes in the form of a check, but don’t take it! At least not until you’ve had a personal injury attorney weigh in on it. If you think the settlement is unfair, make a counteroffer, and don't let the insurance company lowball you.

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Milwaukee Personal Injury Lawsuits Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to pay my attorney before a personal injury settlement?

Our personal injury attorneys won't charge legal fees unless your case settles or you win in court.

When can I expect to get my funds after a personal injury settlement?

You can expect to receive your funds roughly five to six weeks after a personal injury settlement. The specific processes of the insurance company or debts and payments can delay this process.

Does Warshafsky Law charge clients if we lose the case?

Warshafsky Law will not charge clients if the case is lost. Not one penny will be charged until you collect payment from a settlement or winning a verdict in court.

How do I get a settlement offer from Allstate?

After an accident, you need to file a claim with Allstate, either by calling their 800 number or filing online. During the claims process with Allstate, a liability examiner will interview everyone involved in your auto accident. An insurance adjuster may ask you to sign medical authorization forms that give the insurance company access to your entire medical history where they will look for any past injuries or conditions that can be used to lower or deny your claim.

How can I negotiate settlement amounts with Allstate?

The best way to negotiate your Allstate settlement is to hire a personal injury attorney who understands how insurance operate. Make sure you're prepared, documenting every penny, filing as quickly as possible, and calculating the real value of your claim.

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