How to increase a low insurance settlement offer: personal injury attorney in Milwaukee How to increase a lowball insurance injury settlement offer

How can I improve a lowball insurance settlement offer?

The most important part to understand is that the first settlement check is an offer. Insurance companies will almost always make the lowest initial offer possible, but you do not have to accept it. Insurance companies will deploy various tactics to get you to settle for less. Hiring a personal injury attorney will drastically improve your ability to defend against these tactics and get a higher settlement.

That First Car Accident Settlement Check is an OFFER: Don’t sign

1. Big Insurance Companies will Give You a Lowball Offer First

If You Have Car Insurance with GEICO or State Farm, You Should Get the Money You Deserve!

With large insurance companies like GEICO or State Farm, the insurance claim process is done easily over the phone, or through their website or mobile app. In minutes you’re able to report a car crash, hit and run accident or vehicle damage, request roadside assistance, and even schedule a repair. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail right away, and a claim examiner will call you to explain the next steps. 

More often than not, the claims adjuster is kind and personable to you, but will want to get this process over and done with as quickly as possible – they have a job to do, and since you’re likely in a stressful situation, they’re banking on the fact you won’t know you’re being given a bad settlement offer.

Don’t panic! If you think your first settlement offer is too low, you’ll be able to counter it with the help of the personal injury lawyers at Warshafsky. We understand how the big auto insurance companies operate, meaning we’ll help you get the compensation you deserve, every time. Injured? It IS about the money!

2. What You Need to Know When Making a Claim without a Lawyer

Risks are involved if you speak to an insurance claims adjuster without an attorney, which is why you need to be aware of them. Every time you speak on the phone with anyone at your insurance company, you can safely assume the conversation is being recorded. You may inadvertently say something the adjuster can use against you—even a small inconsistency or innocent mistake will do. 

Insurance claims adjusters can be personable and easy to talk to, but don’t be taken in. They’re paid to put you at ease, and if they can use charm to get you to take a lowball offer, they will. Trust us, they haven’t taken their eyes off the bottom line for one second.

Don't Fall for Lowball Insurance Settlement Offers

Remember: an insurance representative will ALWAYS serve the company’s best interests. Warshafsky’s experienced personal injury lawyers will always serve YOUR best interests.

More helpful tips about the claims process:

A settlement check isn’t a definite statement of value; it’s just an offer. You’re in a business negotiation. The insurance company will say things like, “After a thorough investigation and using highly specialized software, we’ve determined the value of your claim,” to get to you believe it’s an official statement of value. Don’t be fooled. Even a printed check is only an offer, and once you sign it you can NEVER pursue further compensation.

Expect them to use delay tactics. Don’t be surprised if you demand a certain settlement amount and the rep responds by saying they need to consider it and get back to you. Ending the conversation and wasting your time is one of many delay tactics insurance professionals use to slow down the process, hoping frustration and financial hardship will pressure you to settle for less.

Put it in writing, even when dealing with insurance adjusters over the phone. When communicating with your insurance company, write a letter or send an e-mail to create proof of your actions (which you may need in the future if they dispute the accuracy or timeliness of your submissions). After speaking on the phone, send a short follow-up note to confirm the statements and promises made by the representative.

Negotiating with an insurer isn’t like haggling at a car dealership. Insurance companies have legions of professionals (including attorneys) dedicated to limiting or eliminating your settlement. Your chance of arriving at a fair settlement amount is significantly higher when your claim is backed by the resources of an experienced team of aggressive personal injury lawyers.

3. Increase Your Settlement Offer to What You Deserve

While insurance claims adjusters can be reasoned with to provide a fairer settlement amount, it’s rare when it happens without the help of a personal injury lawyer. Warshafsky Law has helped countless clients with their personal injury cases, and we can help YOU get the money you deserve. 

What You Need When Arguing Your Case

Medical bills, receipts for prescription drugs, your car’s mileage as you drive to and from the doctor, recent paystubs proving your income before the accident, and written repair estimates for vehicle damage will all help prove the cost of your damages. If you provide proof of its value, it will help your claim go more smoothly.

Also, be aware of your timeline. In some cases, an insurance company will delay the process so effectively, the statute of limitations on when you are able to file a lawsuit expires. Then you are stuck with whatever they offer you because you no longer have the ability to use your biggest bargaining chip: taking legal action.

Going over your claim with an experienced personal injury lawyer is a good way to know if your claim’s value is in the right range. An attorney will also take the burden of negotiations off your shoulders—in fact, once you hire legal representation all communication between yourself and the insurance adjuster must cease. A personal injury lawyer is a professional negotiator who may help you collect a much larger settlement than you were prepared to accept acting on your own.

4. Seasoned Personal Injury Attorneys Know How to Handle Insurance Companies When They Lowball Your Claim

The best thing you can do when dealing with insurance claim adjusters is finding the best attorney for your case. An average victim bringing a claim to a large auto insurance company like GEICO or State Farm will very likely settle for less than fair compensation – don’t get any less of what you deserve! 

The aggressive attorneys of Warshafsky prepare EVERY case to win at trial—and insurers know it. Even an industry giant like State Farm fears facing a law firm with a history of winning HUGE settlements in jury trials.

Injured? it is about the money®

Get a FREE case assessment from Warshafsky Law and take action to get the money you deserve for your injuries.

Car Insurance Providers Warshafsky Attorneys have Beaten

Some of the biggest auto insurance companies in the US cover millions of people all over the country while making hundreds of millions in profit each year. Their profits, however, are through lowball settlement offers that don’t cover the cost of injuries or repairs. The Warshafsky legal team includes former insurance industry attorneys, so we know insurance companies don’t make huge profits by offering to pay the full value of customers’ claims – not without a fight.

Big insurance companies aren’t necessarily evil, but they are a business, meaning their bottom line is to make money. If you’ve been injured in a car crash or a hit-and-run accident, your best chance of recovering the money you deserve is with an experienced Milwaukee car accident attorney. Warshafsky is here to protect your rights!