Can you sue an insurance company for taking too long? Can you sue an insurance company for taking too long?

Can I sue an insurance company for delaying my claim?

Unfortunately, there is no way of suing an insurance company for a delayed claim. To make sure you receive all compensation for your accident, you will need a personal attorney.

Why do insurance companies take so long to settle claims in injury accident cases?

Insurance companies don’t become multi-billion dollar businesses by paying out on claims in a timely manner. They delay paying on claims in the hope you’ll eventually give up on the claim, or settle for a smaller amount. Don’t do it! With aggressive legal representation from Warshafsky Law, you’ll fare much better than trying to fight them on your own. Contact us for a free initial legal consultation.

Can I sue my insurance company for the stress their delays in settling my claim has caused?

Unfortunately, no. You can only sue to recover the expenses/damages caused by the accident (medical bills, lost time from work, pain and suffering). To ensure you are fully compensated for your injuries and expenses, you need an experienced personal injury attorney. Contact Warshafsky Law to request a free initial consultation and get a clearer idea of how much your case is worth.

If I have to sue my insurance company to finally get my claim settled, can they be made to pay my legal costs?

If your insurance company is found to have unreasonably denied or delayed your claim, they have breached their duty of “good faith and fair dealing” and can be ordered to pay your legal expenses. If you’re dealing with an insurance company that isn’t playing fair, take advantage of a free initial legal consultation with Warshafsky Law. We’ll let you know if you have a case or not and what to expect if you decide to hire us.

After my accident, my insurance company says they’re not going to renew my policy. Can they do this?

If you were the at-fault driver in the accident, or you have a long history of accident claims, your insurance company can refuse to renew your insurance policy. When they do this, they’re obligated to give you ample notice of their intent so you have time to secure insurance from another provider. If you suspect your insurance is not being fair in their decision, contact Warshafsky Law for a free initial legal consultation.

My insurance company is pressuring me to accept their settlement offer. Where can I get a second opinion of their offer?

Most personal injury law firms offer a free initial consultation, and this is certainly a topic worthy of consultation. In most cases, though, if an insurance company is pressuring you into accepting their settlement it’s probably not a settlement you should accept. Warshafsky Law has a long history of negotiating fair settlements and winning massive judgments for our clients, so it behooves you to take advantage of a free initial consultation with us.

Is there a statute of limitation in Wisconsin for filing a suit against an insurance company?

Yes, and it’s 3 years from the date of the accident. Insurance companies often delay payment on a claim in the hope they can string you along past the 3-year mark so you won’t be able to file a suit against them. A lawsuit is your best shot at getting the settlement you’re entitled to, so keep an eye on the calendar. Best advice: consult with a personal injury attorney at Warshafsky Law. We offer free initial consultations to accident victims considering legal action to get the settlement they’re owed.

Dealing with an insurance company that won’t pay up on your claim just adds insult to injury. Unfortunately, you can’t sue them for taking too long to pay. You can only sue for the actual damages you’ve incurred as a result of the accident. If you haven’t been able to get your insurance company to settle your claim, you need an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. Warshafsky Law has a long history of securing record setting, society-changing judgments. Take advantage of a free, no obligation consultation with one of our attorneys to learn how we can help. We've won settlements from insurance companies before, including a claim from Artisan & Trucks Casualty Company. We can also assist with car accidents without insurance that you're at fault for. 

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