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Getting Money for a Car Accident Settlement for a Broken Femur

Car Accident Settlement Broken Femur

Get Maximum Compensation for Your Fractured Leg

Femur fractures can significantly affect your life and can take anywhere from 3-6 months to heal. Not only is the femur the largest bone in the body, it is the strongest. The femur starts at the hip joint and extends down to the knee joint. It takes a tremendous amount of impact to fracture a healthy femur. This type of force can be experienced in a high-impact car accident. Treatments options may vary and oftentimes require surgery. Below are common treatment options for a broken femur:

  • Surgery to permanently insert an intramedullary rod
  • Surgery for the insertion of a metal plate placed along the fracture and secured with screws
  • Surgery for attachment of an external fixator to the femur with pins
  • Traction where the leg is put in a cast and either adhesives or metal pins are used to attach weighted strings
  • Casting can be done on very young children, with good success

Warshafsky’s Milwaukee personal injury lawyers have extensive experience with femur fracture cases and are experts at establishing fault in car accidents. 

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