Injured by a tailgating driver in Wisconsin? Insurance companies offer larger settlements to law firms who win in court.

Many people lightly tap on the brakes to signal the tailgater to back off. This could make the situation more dangerous if the other driver is too close to see the lights or to brake before hitting your bumper. Instead, try these tips for dealing with tailgaters.

  1. If possible, change lanes or pull over as soon as it is safe to let the person pass you (don’t forget to signal!).
  2. On multi-lane roads, keep to the right unless you are passing someone. If other drivers have the ability to pass you on the left, they may not tailgate you in the first place.
  3. Keep a constant speed. If your speed is going up and down, the tailgater might not feel safe passing you and will stay behind you.
  4. Don’t drive faster than you are comfortable to put more space behind your car. The tailgater will likely just speed up and close the gap again.

Safe following distance

While you can’t change other drivers’ behavior, you can control your own. Leave enough space between your car and the car ahead of you to ensure you have plenty of time to stop if necessary. There are a few rules of thumb many people use to judge the distance needed for safety.

1 Car length/10 mph

For every 10 mph you’re driving, leave a car length between you and the next car. For instance, if you’re driving 50 mph, leave 5 car lengths.

2 Second rule

The 2 second rule is best for a dry, clear road during the day. When the car ahead passes a sign, tree, or another landmark, you should be able to count 2 seconds before you reach the same spot.

3 and 4 second rules

When driving at night, follow 3 seconds behind the next car instead of 2. When driving in rain, snow, ice, fog, or other inclement weather, follow 4 seconds behind.

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