Can you sue your old lawyer? Filing suit against a negligent law firm How to sue a negligent law firm in Wisconsin

Sue personal injury attorney for negligence

Apparently, this alternative law firm had a golf game that year because they never filed her claim and let the case expire, according to the State of Wisconsin’s statute of limitations. The injured woman was left feeling helpless. She had medical bills piling up and had lost income. She had already paid one lawyer’s fee. Where was she going to come up with the money for another? Who could she trust when she had already been failed?

She turned to Warshafsky Law. They have a reputation for being the best, and not only do they begin each case with a free consultation, they operate on a “no win, no fee” basis. Warshafsky Law was clearly the right choice for her after she had already spent so much money with the previous, lazy law firm.

Warshafsky Law takes action, wins money and justice

The elite Milwaukee car accident lawyers at Warshafsky Law investigated the client’s original attorneys. In this situation, not only must a claim be proven against the lawyers for failing to protect the client’s rights, but the underlying case against the Postal worker must be addressed as well.

Warshafsky Law was successful in securing a settlement for our client from the insurer for the negligent law firm. Another Society Changing Judgement brought to you by the team at Warshafsky Law. Our firm is not a settlement mill. Other law firms will take your case, put very little time and effort into it, take the first offer that comes along, collect their fee and say goodbye to you. We are the opposite. We prepare every case as if it is headed for trial from our very first meeting with our clients.

Insurance companies have strategies for protecting their assets and keeping from you what you truly deserve. They deny, delay and defend themselves, holding your compensation in tight fists. We have years of experience in dealing with companies like this. Even if your insurance company seems to be cooperating, they could still be dragging your case beyond the statute of limitations to relieve themselves from liability. Give Warshafsky Law a call if you have been wrongly injured. Get what you deserve: money, and justice.

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