Compensation for brain damage lawsuit vs hospital obstetrics ward Wisconsin birth defect lawsuit nets $2 million dollar settlement amount

Can you sue for childbirth negligence?

If there were medical mistakes made during childbirth that lead to the child having disabilities, you can sue for medical negligence. You will need an experienced personal injury attorney to help get you maximum compensation. Warshafsky won nearly a $2 million dollar settlement for a medical negligence case that lead to a child being born with brain damage.

Warshafsky Law builds powerful case against Racine hospital

The birth of a child is a joyous occasion, though one which is not without risks. Sometimes, things go wrong in ways no one expects and the bright future all had anticipated takes an unexpected turn. On a chilly December day, new mother Willielean's life took just such a turn. While giving birth to her son Kenny, something went wrong. As it was learned later, nurses at St Luke's Memorial Hospital (1320 Wisconsin Ave, Racine, WI USA 53403) knew there were problems, but failed to notice the unborn child was losing blood during labor. Shortly after his birth, Kenny showed unmistakable signs of brain damage. Willielean had to leave her job as a seamstress to care for her son full-time. Distraught over her infant son’s future and a lifetime of special needs care she could never afford, Willelean came to Warshafsky Law for advice on filing a Wisconsin birth defect lawsuit.

While looking into the circumstances surrounding the birth of Kenny, Warshafsky Law investigators found the hospital failed to call a physician to the delivery room when problems developed with the delivery. This was a clear dereliction of responsibility on their part, and it put the lives of both mother and child at risk. We knew there was due cause for this Racine medical malpractice suit to proceed.

The hospital denied any wrongdoing. Kenny, they said, was born with a congenital defect in his brain. After filing a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of Kenny, Warshafsky Law eventually reached a settlement that would allow Willielean to give her son the special needs care he would require while enabling her to pick up her life and go on. For their part, the hospital still maintained the damage in Kenny’s brain was due to a congenital condition.

Society changing judgments a speciality for Warshafsky Law

Over the years, Warshafsky Law's personal injury, medical malpractice and daycare attorneys have become well known for securing judgments and settlements so large as to affect the way entire industries do business. We refer to these as Society Changing Judgments and feature many of these on our website. In the case of Willielean and her son Kenny, the Racine hospital and its malpractice insurers agreed to pay nearly $2 million over the span of 30 years, along with an immediate payment of $122,000 and attorney fees of $480,000. This Racine society changing judgment was structured to also begin paying out $8,000 per month for Kenny’s care when he reaches age 35.

While the dollar amounts may seem reasonable enough, consider this occurred back in 1989. In today’s dollars, the $8,000 monthly payment would equate to a little over $15,000 per month. Just as importantly, the hospital (and others) implemented policies to require an obstetric physician to be present for all deliveries. There’s no telling how many similar childbirth problems were avoided as a result. Likewise, we have successfully won Racine car accident lawsuits for our clients as well, financially restoring lives after all manner of personal injury. Talk to our team of malpractice attorneys to learn how you can sue for medical malpractice.

Get Warshafsky Law on your side

In any personal injury case, you are going up against powerful and well-funded adversaries - namely, insurance companies. They will size up your case based on the attorney you have representing you. Make no mistake: If you choose a law firm with a reputation for settling quickly with insurance companies, they’ll know your attorney doesn’t want to bother with taking your case to trial and you will end up with the proverbial short end of the stick. You need a real fighter on your side.

The attorneys of Warshafsky Law all have proven records of standing up for the rights of those who have been injured through the negligence or carelessness of others. We put your welfare first and fight hard to get every dollar you and your family deserve. We don’t even ask for payment until your case has been adjudicated or settled and you have received payment. If you don’t win, we don’t get paid. There is absolutely no risk to you whatsoever. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

When people choose their Wisconsin personal injury lawyer based on the endorsement of a football player or actor, they risk choosing an attorney who has never won more money in a courtroom. Settlement mills forward your paperwork and take a cut of your damages. Hundreds of times we have prepared cases like yours beyond the brink of trial. Facing unlimited liability AND an expensive jury trial, insurance companies fess up what your case is worth. They HATE when you choose Warshafsky.

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